Volume 37, Issue Number 13 December 19, 2003

New Architectural Sheet Metal Manual, 6th Edition, Now Available

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The new sixth edition of SMACNA’s “Architectural Sheet Metal Manual” provides the most complete and comprehensive set of recommended practices available for proper design and installation of custom-fabricated architectural sheet metal in commercial, industrial and residential buildings.

A first for this internationally acclaimed standard, the CD-ROM version features a collection of 3-D drawings. These figures allow designers to magnify, rotate, section and view minute, but often critical, construction details from any angle improving their understanding of architectural sheet metal construction.

This substantially expanded 496-page book emphasizes increased quality control for detailing and the expansion of model specifications for designers.

A primer on metal application and specifications, this standard contains roof drainage system design for scuppers, gutters and downspouts. An upfront, fast “look-up” key speeds information retrieval.

A new historical restoration section covers skylights, cornices and spires and encourages contractor pre-qualification for historic preservation work. While a new moisture and maintenance guide encompasses design, moisture transfer methods, maintenance and repairs, as well. The revised publication also includes a new chapter on mechanical fasteners and soldering.

In addition, SMACNA’s new “Architectural Sheet Metal Manual” offers commentary and illustrations supporting new construction techniques as well as alternative methods of design and installation reflecting climatic conditions and rainfall rates. Wind uplift test reports confirm the superior performance of custom-fabricated metal roofing.

SMACNA members may purchase SMACNA’s “Architectural Sheet Metal Manual,” 6th edition, at the member price of $42 for the book, $50 for the CD-ROM and $42 for the PDF download. The IFUS price for the book is $139, $166 for the CD-ROM and $139 for the PDF download.

Architects and engineers may purchase the new publication at the discounted price of $184 for the book, $220 for the CD-ROM and $184 for the PDF download. The list price for the book is $262, $315 for the CD-ROM and $262 for the PDF download.

To order, visit the online Publications Store or call SMACNA’s Publications Department at (703) 803-2989.

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