Volume 42, Issue Number 11 November 20, 2008

“Get Involved” Urges SMACNA President

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Ron Palmerick
SMACNA’s outgoing president, Ron Palmerick, addressed contractor members at the association’s 65th annual convention in Maui, Hawaii, on Oct. 22. Mr. Palmerick, of AABCO Sheet Metal Co., Ridgewood, N.Y., will serve as immediate past president from 2008 to 2009. Following is his speech:

I am pleased to report that SMACNA’s accomplishments in 2008 are many. And I would like to thank each member and their employees who served on SMACNA committees and task forces this year. We could not have made these strides without your generosity.

SMACNA’s mission is to provide products, services and representation to enhance members’ businesses, markets and profitability. The products and services we delivered this year have advanced our cause.

For example, the “HVAC Systems—Understanding the Basics” document and the “Bidding Green Guide” are designed to prepare your company for future market opportunities. Our participation in the Power Generation Summit with our labor partners identified potential work opportunities in nuclear, coal, and gas-fired power market sectors.

SMACNA’s technical manuals continue to hold the respect of the national and international construction community. SMACNA’s “IAQ Guidelines for Occupied Buildings Under Construction” was approved as an American National Standard, this year. We anticipate that the Seismic Restraint Manual will achieve this same honor shortly.

SMACNA’s involvement with the National Institute of Building Sciences’ Building Smart Alliance focused primarily on the development of building information modeling or BIM—the productivity tool that promises to revolutionize the construction industry. In addition, SMACNA is a key player in the green movement. Your views were represented with all of the major green building standard-setting organizations.

The New Horizons Foundation issued a futures study predicting many exciting opportunities for the HVAC contractor. According to the report, to successfully compete in the HVAC marketplace 10 years from now will require thoughtful consideration of potential market changes and carefully assessing your current direction and strategy. BIM, the green movement, sustainable building, and energy efficiency are the keys that will unlock these great market opportunities. Read this report. No—study—this report and begin the planning process now to capitalize on these opportunities.

Another key to our future is a solid partnership with our labor partners. We have made significant progress this year. Our national Partners in Progress conference tackled some tough labor management issues. In my opinion, it bridged a communication gap between labor and management in a way we have never been able to do before.

In fact, our labor partners recently asked for our feedback on their new Code of Excellence, and they immediately addressed our concerns. Remember, partnering is a journey, not a final destination. It will always require communication, trust, and respect.

SMACNA’s programs and services take into consideration the unique nature and challenges faced by union HVAC and sheet metal contractors. Please take full advantage of what is readily available from this great association.

My final pitch as president is this—if you want to really give your business a boost, get more of your employees involved in a SMACNA committee or task force. Send them to SMACNA’s business management education programs. Use SMACNA to help mentor and develop your next generation of management. The rewards will be phenomenal.

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