Volume 43, Issue Number 4 April 6, 2009

SMACNA Shows You Where To Find The Stimulus Dollars

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John Ilten
Massive federal economic infrastructure programs have recently been enacted by Congress and more are on the way in the weeks and months ahead. Are you aware the money covers work across the U.S. and includes renovation, retrofit and new construction work for companies of every size? In fact, for the next two years there will be more public works projects than private projects.

SMACNA members can best perform much of this work so I urge you not to wait for bid proposals. Rely on SMACNA’s Recovery Trak web page for all of the right information, the right contacts and details to get these jobs. Do you know the bidding agencies? Is your firm properly bonded? Do you know the ins and outs of working with Project Labor Agreements and Davis Bacon rate projects? Recovery Trak can help you find the answers.

To help your firm get a part of the historic federal spending on infrastructure from Washington, D.C. SMACNA created Recovery Trak. SMACNA’s Recovery Trak is a resource and information center on SMACNA’s home page exclusively for SMACNA chapters and contractors interested in the money appropriated for public works projects in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) (P.L. 111-5) and other spending bills enacted during the 111th Congress.

This constantly evolving and convenient contractor resource will help SMACNA members follow the stimulus money from the floors of Congress to the President’s desk in Washington, D.C., to their home regions. The Recovery Trak site is updated almost daily. So spend a few minutes on the Recovery Trak then follow the money from the federal agencies to actual projects near you.

Rely on the SMACNA Recovery Trak site to help you quickly take advantage of more than $100+ billion in new public infrastructure spending, much of it green movement building efforts. Handy state-by-state categories take you directly to state and locally planned construction projects. Public building, energy efficiency retrofit work and green building construction markets are prime examples of the work the Obama Plan has featured for the next two years and beyond.

If you don’t have public works experience, it doesn’t matter! You’ve already got the first rate contracting and HVAC skills. Let Recovery Trak help you learn the way the federal projects are managed and how you can become a frequent bidder on federal work. There’s a federal procurement tips section offering links to sites where valuable information on bidding and performing federal work is located.

This massive and historic infrastructure investment from Washington, D.C. to state and local projects across the nation provides a great market in lean economic times for SMACNA Contractors. Don’t miss out on the tens of billions of dollars for “green construction” projects that feature HVAC work as never before.

I urge you to seriously consider the rapidly growing public market, if you have not yet done so. Visit the SMACNA home page, click on the Recovery Trak site and start bidding that work!


John Ilten President

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