Volume 15, Issue Number 2 July 9, 2009

New Safety Posters Available

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New Safety Posters Available

The SMACNA Safety Survey Program indicates that members use safety posters to “advertise” safety and health issues. To help with that promotion, SMACNA has developed three new safety posters. Great safety reminders for both shops and jobsite work settings, this updated and modern series of posters covers three significant safety and health issues in the sheet metal industry.

“Let The Eyes Have It” poster addresses eye protection, “Don’t Cut Your Job Short” covers cut prevention, and “Are You Wearing Your Ear Plugs?” promotes wearing proper hearing protection. Each eye-catching poster is 16” x 24” and all three are shipped together.

Cost: $20.00 (plus S&H) for the three posters.

To order the posters, contact the SMACNA Publications Office at 703-803-2989 or go to the SMACNA Publications Store (members only) at http://www.smacna.org/bookstore/

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