Volume 15, Issue Number 2 July 9, 2009

Heat Stress Tip Cards Available

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Working in Hot Environments - Heat Stress Card Available

With the summer months and heightened work schedules, SMACNA contractors are encouraged to provide workers with information and training on the hazards associated with working in hot environments. Overexposure to heat causes heat stress that can lead to more serious illnesses such as heat exhaustion and, most serious, heat stroke, which can lead to death if not treated immediately.

Aside from these obvious physical dangers, the frequency of accidents in general appears to be higher in hot environments than in more moderate environmental conditions. One reason is that working in a hot environment lowers the mental alertness and physical performance of an individual.

The key to preventing excessive heat stress is educating supervisors and workers on the hazards of working in heat and the benefits of implementing proper controls and work practices. SMACNA has developed a Heat Stress and Heat Illness Tip Card to be used in providing training to employees on the hazards of heat exposure. The purpose of the tip card is to supplement training on the subject of heat stress.

The cards have a theme, PAT – Prevention, Awareness, and Treatment, as a way to emphasize the various aspects of heat exposure. Prevention discusses drinking plenty of fluids, wearing proper clothing, and taking breaks in the shade or ventilated areas. Awareness centers on the main types of heat illness. Treatment focuses on notifying the supervisor and seeking medical attention if needed.

For more information or to order copies of the heat stress cards, send an email to Mike McCullion, SMACNA’s director of safety and health at mmccullion@smacna.org.

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