Volume 36, Issue Number 12 December 1, 2002

President’s Column: SMACNA and ASHRAE Offer Value Added Product to Design-Construction Community

Jack Desmond

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Over the years, SMACNA and the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE), have strived to deliver quality technical standards and guidelines. Both organizations have proven track records of working well together as partners. These high standards have translated directly to the delivery of quality products and services that have increased accuracy and efficiency within the HVAC industry.

Both ASHRAE and SMACNA members and staff have participated side-by-side on technical committees focused on bringing a superior product to market. Both have well-respected libraries of internationally renowned technical manuals and standards.

Last year, I suggested that perhaps it was time to take our partnership to the next level by providing SMACNA technical manuals and ASHRAE standards on related subjects as combination packages.

The idea of ASHRAE and SMACNA teaming up to create a new product line of technical manuals is a very logical one. ASHRAE manuals address the design side and SMACNA covers the construction application side.

The packaging of both design and application details in one convenient product line would be a valuable service to the HVAC industry.

I am very pleased that my suggestion last year was well received by ASHRAE and that we are presenting the “ASHRAE/SMACNA Seismic Restraint Applications” as our first offering. (See related article.)

Since both of our organizations are dedicated to developing programs to ensure high standards of excellence for both our members and the construction industry, we are perfectly matched to be successful at this endeavor as well as others that may be decided in the future.

However, we should not consider this endeavor as simply a marketing effort. We must look at it in terms of offering “value added” benefits to the HVAC design-construction community, a community that is increasingly becoming global in nature. All institutions, especially those in the standards development process, must continually improve their products and services as well as product and service delivery. We have an opportunity before us. In this more globally competitive world, we should constantly be seeking to remain the source of standards for the industry. SMACNA and its contractors have always stood firm believing that delivering a quality product is our first priority. I know ASHRAE and its members hold these same values. With quality and efficiency as our mutual goals, we look forward to increasing our partnering efforts with ASHRAE.


Jack Desmond SMACNA President

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