Volume 5, Issue Number 1 January  15, 2009

McQuay Applied Rooftop Systems Help Reduce Vibration and Radiated Sound for K.C. Radio Stations

When Kansas City residents tune in to KMBZ radio, their local ABC-affiliated news and sports station, they hear crystal-clear communication. It’s the result not only of the latest broadcast technology, but also of a “down-to-the-studs” renovation of the building that houses all eight of the Kansas City radio stations owned by Entercom Communications. McQuay rooftop systems help to ensure that the only audible “hum” might be from a vocalist on WDAF country radio.

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Why Green Can Be Wash

Many "green" buildings don't save energy. Why? They have too much glass, they are overventilated, they are leaky to air, they are fraught with thermal bridges and they rely on gimmicks and fads rather than physics.

“This column was published in ASHRAE Journal, November 2008. ©Copyright 2008 American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers, Inc. The views expressed are those of the author, and the column is reprinted for educational purposes only. This article may not be copied and/or distributed electronically or in paper form without permission of ASHRAE www.ashrae.org.”

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This Highly Engineered Take-Off Brings A New Meaning To “Hi Efficiency”

The Super HETO is pressed from a single piece of G-90 galvanized steel, giving it perfectly smooth radius corners. The solid body construction reduces leakage meeting SMACNA / ASHRAE Leakage Class 3 standards. The Super HETO comes with or without volume dampers. The adjustable dampers are assembled using a spring loaded retractable bearing and positive locking hardware.

For more information contact Sheet Metal Connectors, Inc. at 800-328-1966. Visit www.smcduct.com

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FastEST, Inc.’s On-Screen Digitizer Makes Estimating Faster and Easier

As FastEST, Inc. heads into its 15th year, the mechanical estimating software company continues to meet its customers’ needs with affordable, accurate, and easy-to-use software programs. Offering both FastPIPE, for HVAC and plumbing piping estimating, and FastDUCT, for ductwork estimating, FastEST, Inc. currently serves over 500 customers across North America.

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Thought Adding A Zoning System To Existing 6-inch Round Ductwork Impossible?

Break into Retro Fit Construction to Stack Up some Green! DuroZone’s Retrofit Dampers make it possible to add a zoning system to existing 6-inch round ductwork. These dampers feature a high strength molded mounting plate which is gasketed for leak-free installation. The damper motors are available in Spring Return and Power Open/Power Close and can be linked together for tandem operation.

Visit www.durozone.com for more information.

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