Volume 5, Issue Number 10 October  6, 2009

Stimulus Funding Boosts Construction Spending

Stimulus expenditures were about $160 billion by the end of August. But the federal check register is not the proper measuring stick. Washington takes one to two months to reimburse after contractors and other stimulus recipients incur expenses on stimulus project work. The proper measuring stick is a dynamic measurement of how much money was spent in the economy that would not have been spent if the stimulus plan had not been passed.

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Engel Industries' New ValuePLUS Coiline Can Now Be Expanded To A Full Line!

Engel Industries' new ValuePLUS coiline can now be expanded to a full line!For more information visit www.engelind.com

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Hydrocarbon Coolers — Already Popular In Europe — Are Being Tested By Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream Co.

Some of the world's largest consumer product companies are promoting freezers and refrigerators in the U.S. that use propane, butane and other coolants that don't trap heat in the atmosphere as much as Freon and other conventional refrigerants.

The new so-called hydrocarbon coolers — already popular in Europe — are being tested by Ben & Jerry's ice cream company at stores in the Washington and Boston areas. Meanwhile, General Electric is seeking approval to market a home refrigerator in the U.S. using a hydrocarbon refrigerant.

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Ruskin Labor Saver Tips Designed To Save Contractors Time And Money

Ruskin Labor Savers are UL approved products and installation methods for fire, smoke and combination fire/smoke dampers that save contractors time and money.

Labor Savers can be ordered in three different categories:

  • Installation Aids
  • Application Solutions
  • Installation Options

For further product information visit www.ruskin.com.

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Design Flexibility Of McQuay Vision™ Air Handling Units Meets Energy And Budget Requirements

Designed for LEED® Platinum certification, Regents Hall at St. Olaf College combines sustainable design, interdisciplinary science education

Design flexibility of McQuay Vision™ air handling units meets energy and budget requirements.

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