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Papers and Guidelines


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  • Technical Guideline on Through Penetration Firestopping
    This paper was prepared in response to increasing concerns and lack of understanding of this issue by designers, code officials and contractors. The requirements of the Model Code groups have been identified and the responsibilities of architects, engineers/designers, code officials and contractors have been outlined.
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  • SMACNA Master Index of Technical Publications
    The Master Index provides contractors, design professionals, and code officials with a centralized resource of SMACNA technical documents. The index includes key words or phrases from all SMACNA technical standards, manuals and guides.
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  • ERRATA, Rectangular Industrial Duct Construction Standards
    This technical paper contains ERRATA for the Rectangular Industrial Duct Construction Standards, Second Edition 2004. Please download and include this listing of changes with your copy of the manual and reference it as needed.
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  • New Test Standards for Fire, Smoke and Combination Fire/Smoke Dampers
    On July 1, 2002, damper manufacturers are required to provide fire, smoke and combination fire/smoke dampers that are tested to new Underwriters Laboratories (UL) testing requirements. A description and summary of these new test standards and some possible issues resulting from these standards is given in this paper.
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  • SMACNA CAD Standard
    As an organization with contributing members on the National CAD Standard (NCS) Committee, SMACNA is committed to improving electronic communication between members of the architect/engineer/contractor (AEC) community, and the overall quality of construction.
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  • Improper Fire Damper Installation
    SMACNA is being increasingly advised that contractors are being required to provide elements of fire damper and combination fire/smoke damper installations which are both unnecessary and not allowed. Specifically we refer to requirements to seal the retaining angles to the wall/floor fire rated assembly and to other directives to fill the expansion space with materials such as mineral wool, ceramic fiber or firestopping caulks.
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  • Duct Cleanliness for New Construction Guidelines
    This guideline is intended to help the commercial duct installation contractor, design engineers and building owners to become more familiar with guidelines to control and reduce contamination during duct installation, and to provide reasonable installation recommendations that can be implemented to meet these goals.
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  • ERRATA, Guide for Steel Stack Construction, 2nd Edition 1996
    This technical paper contains ERRATA for the Guide for Steel Stack Construction, Second Edition 1996. Please download and include this listing of changes/corrections with your copy of the manual and reference it as needed.
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  • Building Code Update
    This technical paper reviews the Model Building Code process of the International Code Council (ICC) and National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Building 5000 Code and addresses SMACNA National's position with regards to the efforts of the code community to develop a single set of comprehensive and coordinated national codes.
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