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Fires at businesses are more common than you think. By leveraging several value-added benefits, you can put your company in a better position.


Commercial property fires are on the rise. What’s causing this? Industry experts are often seeing these fires sparked by the deferred maintenance of buildings, equipment, and electrical systems as well as delayed inspections of sprinkler systems, fire extinguishers, etc. Some of this is due to supply chain issues. We also recognize business owners are faced with challenges, such as employee shortages and time.

Fires at businesses are more common than you think.  They can cause considerable property damage and endanger the lives of you, your employees, and others. The costs are also substantial — these fires cause an estimated annual average of more than $2 billion dollars in property losses.1

To help prevent fires, we encourage you to leverage these value-added association member benefits:

Lastly, Federated member clients can log in to mySHIELD® to order an interactive, employee training poster designed to highlight key fire hazards that could impact their business and facilitate a short discussion on fire prevention. If you are not registered for mySHIELD, call 1-888-333-4949 and ask to speak with a risk consultant.

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Dave Szymanski
Association Risk Management Services
Federated Mutual Insurance Company