800 Series Spin-Glas® Ultra & Matching Tape

Johns Manville is reintroducing 800 Series Spin-Glas® Ultra, a fiberglass board insulation with polypropylene-coated (poly-top) ASJ facing, NOW with a new exact matching Spin-Glas Ultra Scrim Reinforced Tape.

800 Series Spin-Glas Ultra is unique, unlike other polypropylene facings, 800 Series Spin-Glas Ultra features a paper-free facing. This unique facing is moisture-resistant and offers improved wrinkle-resistance.

Other Benefits of 800 Series Spin-Glas Ultra:

  • Easy to wipe down
  • Type II Vapor Retarder with a perm rating of 0.02 per ASTM C1136m
  • Meets the requirements of a polymeric film type ASJ per the NIA Glossary
  • Meets the Unified Facilities Guide Specifications with a burst-strength of 90 PSI
  • Meets NFPA 90A and 90B with FHC 25/50 surface burning characteristics.
  • Similar to Micro-Lok® HP Ultra in appearance so they can be installed side-by-side
  • New! Spin-Glas Ultra Scrim Reinforced Tape for a matching aesthetic

Learn more about 800 Series Spin-Glas® Ultra

Learn more about Spin-Glas Ultra Scrim Reinforced Tape