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SMACNA, Others Encourage Clinton, Trump Campaigns to Support Industrial Energy Efficiency

In a recent letter to both the Clinton and Trump campaigns, the Alliance for Industrial Efficiency (AIE) encouraged both major party Presidential candidates to support industrial energy efficiency.  With the letter, AIE included its report “State Ranking of Potential Carbon Dioxide Emission Reductions through Industrial Energy Efficiency,” which demonstrates that America can reduce carbon emissions while simultaneously saving the industrial sector money and making US manufacturers more competitive by investing in industrial energy efficiency. By adopting policies to support investment in industrial energy efficiency (including combined heat and power (CHP) and waste heat to power (WHP)), America can:

 Cut carbon emissions by 174.5 million short tons in 2030 – equal to the emissions from 46 coal-fired power plants;

 Save businesses $298 billion from avoided electricity purchases;

 Achieve nearly one-third of the national emission reductions called for under the Clean Power Plan.

AIE's analysis finds that the top ten states that would experience the greatest total carbon emission reductions from energy-efficiency improvements in the industrial sector are: Texas, Ohio, Illinois, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Michigan, California, Georgia, and Alabama. Most of these states have significant manufacturing industries.

Industrial energy efficiency has multiple economic benefits. First, it will create U.S. jobs in the design, construction, installation and maintenance of equipment. Second, businesses will save money on their utility bills. These savings will leave U.S. manufacturers better equipped to compete in a global market.

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