Sheet metal & Air Conditioning Contractors’ National Association

Federal Contracting & Procurement

  • 2015 Issue Sheets 4. Federal Construction Project Acquisition and Procurement Reforms

    Quality Construction Alliance (QCA) Position: Congress should implement Federal construction project acquisition and procurement reforms that promote the best interest of prime contractors and subcontractors alike. Procurement policies that favor prime contractors at the expense of all other performing subcontractors, who perform the bulk of work on most Defense and Civilian agency projects, is one-sided, unfair, and out of date relative rulemaking perspective that is contrary to modern integrated project delivery/performance models that include all substantial project participants – prime contractors and subcontractors alike – in the project procurement and project execution planning and performance responsibility procedures in the interest ...


  • Issue Briefs Reverse Auctions for Federal Construction Services

    SMACNA supports H.R. 1444, The Commonsense Contracting Act of 2015, sponsored by Rep. Richard Hanna (R-N.Y.) to prohibit federal agencies from procuring construction services through reverse auctions. The bill is a reasonable and important legislative improvement for contractors who bid on federal construction work and provide good, quality construction work at an equitable price to the taxpayer.


  • Issue Briefs Bid Listing/Anti-Bid Shopping

    SMACNA supports legislation that protects against bid shopping and bid peddling and enforces strict penalties on prime contractors for bid shopping. The practice of bid shopping amounts to a financial incentive for prime contractors to cut corners on federal construction and undermines the government’s interest in obtaining full value for taxpayer dollars. Therefore, SMACNA supports The Construction Quality Assurance Act, H.R. 3854, introduced by Rep. Paul Kanjorski (D-11-PA) and six cosponsors in the 110th Congress. This legislation would require that each invitation to bid, or request for proposal issued by the government for construction contracts of $1 million or more, include language explicitly prohibiting the practice of bid shopping. The language also stipulated penalties for violating this prohibition. H.R. 3854 would make the practice of bid shopping terms for suspension and debarment from consideration on future federal contracts


  • Issue Briefs Contractor Accountability

    SMACNA supports legislation that would require prospective federal contractors to meet the highest standards for contract performance and compliance with applicable laws as a condition for responsibility determinations for performing a federal contract. Public agencies and taxpayers should demand nothing less. SMACNA supports a central database for use by contracting officers, and strict enforcement of responsibility standards.