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  • 2015 Issue Sheets 6. Davis-Bacon/Prevailing Wage Laws

    Quality Construction Alliance (QCA) Position: Congress should not repeal the Davis-Bacon Act, in whole or in part to protect local workers and local economies. QCA opposes H.R. 987, as we support prevailing wage provisions in innovative financing, and believes that Congress needs to actively work to increase funding for infrastructure improvements. Our infrastructure will continue to deteriorate until Congress begins to fund these projects. The improvement of America’s infrastructure demands the highest quality and safest work product. To ensure this high quality construction, job-site safety, and to encourage apprenticeship and training, Davis-Bacon prevailing wages should be applied to these projects. ...


  • Issue Briefs Prevailing Wage Laws

    SMACNA supports prevailing wage provisions in current law and in innovative financing options being enacted by the Congress. SMACNA opposes repeal of the Davis-Bacon Act, in whole or part. Congress is acting to increase funding for urgently needed infrastructure improvements and school construction. The improvement of the country’s infrastructure and schools demand the highest quality and safest work product. To ensure best value, high quality construction, job-site safety, and to ensure a skilled workforce for the future through apprenticeship and training programs, Davis-Bacon prevailing wages should be applied to all projects using federal dollars.


  • Issue Briefs Immigration Reform

    SMACNA supports Federal immigration reform legislation featuring an aggressive and effective effort to control the border in conjunction with an unfailing enforcement and sanctions for employers who violate the law. The Federal employee eligibility verification system must provide for the use of prevailing wages as a wage floor for construction to ensure guest workers, temporary workers or those gaining earned legal status are paid at a competitive rate. While any legislation must address homeland security issues such as enhanced border security and full enforcement of immigration law, under no circumstances should a construction contractor be held responsible for the hiring practices of his subcontractors, materials suppliers or any other independent entity.


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