Sheet metal & Air Conditioning Contractors’ National Association

Meet Political Club Members

SMACNA Takes a Strong Leadership Role on Capitol Hill

SMACNA National puts all the resources needed to stay on top of industry issues in the nation’s capital, including an office right on Capitol Hill. That effort is matched by committed SMACNA members and it all pays off in the direct impact our industry has with legislators and regulators.

A Key Ingredient in SMACNA’s Plan of Action is SMAC PAC

SMACNA’s political action committee accepts personal contributions from SMACNA members. SMAC PAC contributes those funds directly to candidates for the U.S. Senate and the U.S. House of Representatives as allowed by Federal Election Law. SMAC PAC’s prime goal is to support legislators who will give our industry real attention and a fair chance on the Hill. SMAC PAC helps elect a Congress that will support SMACNA’s legislative objectives. Meet the SMACNA members who meet the challenge!