Sheet metal & Air Conditioning Contractors’ National Association

Political Pacesetters Council

In 2004, though proud of SMACNA’s accomplishments on Capitol Hill, the SMAC PAC Committee made the commitment to take SMAC PAC to a new level. The time was right for changing and shaping the political agenda with the new Washington power structure but that meant an even stronger commitment by SMACNA members.

The Committee established the Political Pacesetters which requires a personal contribution of $5,000 per year. Many of the Pacesetters have now been members for five years or more! Chapters that reach the highest level of PAC contributions (SMAC PAC’s Platinum level) are entitled to appoint one member to the Political Pacesetters Council. Thanks to the following members and chapters who step up to the plate to help win the important political and legislative battles. 


Richard Buckley*
Angela Simon

Georgia SMACNA
Keith Harris*    
Jack Knox*, Pacesetter Co-Chair

SMCA of Central Indiana  
Joseph R. Lansdell

Kevin R. Gill*

SMACNA Mid-Atlantic
Frank Battaglino*    
Kathleen Bigelow    
Robert Gawne Sr.*    
Jerry Robinson*    

SMACNA St. Louis
Howard Stine

New Mexico SMCA
Keith E. Wilson*

Ronald J. Palmerick*    

SMACNA of Long Island

Steven Benkovsky*
Randy Buchter    
Albert LaBella*, Pacesetter Co-Chair

SMCA of Oklahoma, Inc. (Oklahoma City)

Kyle Bellmon
Waltraud Daniel*   
Nathan Dills    

Columbia Chapter SMACNA
Carol Duncan*    
Frederick L. Streimer*    

SMACNA - Western Washington, Inc.
Peter N. Fluetsch‡*, Pacesetter Vice Chair

‡ Indicates 25-year Silver Jubilee CIC member
* Indicates 5-year Diamond Pacesetter member

We remember Harold Dills, Diamond Political Pacesetter and Silver Jubilee CIC Member, of Oklahoma City, OK who passed away in 2016. Harold was one of SMAC PAC's top 30 contributors of all time. 


Melissa Barbour, SMACNA of Long Island, Inc.
Bernie Brill, SMACNA Mid-Atlantic
David Finley, Sheet Metal Contractors Association of Oklahoma, Inc.
Jerry Henderson, Columbia Chapter SMACNA
Julie Muller Neff, Esq., SMACNA - Western Washington, Inc.
Sean O'Donoghue, Bay Area SMACNA Chapter
Ginger Slaick, Georgia SMACNA

Personal contributions to SMAC PAC are not deductible for federal income tax purposes.