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Stay Informed. Stay Active. You can make a difference on industry issues by contacting your Senators and Representatives to ensure they know what issues matter to you.  SMACNA works every day for you on Capitol Hill but your action supporting SMACNA’s legislative objectives pays off, for SMACNA and your business.   

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Urge House Representatives to Cosponsor H.R. 2101, the Prior Approval Reform Act

Tired of being asked by SMAC PAC for Prior Approval just so you can get information about SMAC PAC?  Take Action: Ask your U.S. House of Representatives member to cosponsor H.R. 2101, the Prior Approval Reform Act.

Trade associations are discriminated against because their PACs are the only political committees that must first obtain exclusive permission from member companies before soliciting eligible individuals for support.  No other class of PAC, including corporate, labor union, and individual membership association, is subject to the prior approval requirement.  Visit SMACNA’s Advocacy page for more information and to take action on this issue.