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  • Eric Anderton

    Eric Anderton

    Since 2004, Eric Anderton has helped his construction clients increase profitability by clarifying their business purpose, building strategic plans, developing their best people, systematically innovating through obstacles, and executing their most important priorities.

  • Anirban Basu

    Anirban Basu

    Anirban Basu is Chairman and CEO of Sage, an economic and policy consulting firm in Baltimore, Maryland. He founded the firm in 2004. He is now one of the most recognized economists, in part because of his consulting work on behalf of numerous clients, including prominent developers, bankers, brokerage houses, energy suppliers, law firms and business associations.

    Anirban also serves as chief economist to the Associated Builders and Contractors and as chief economic advisor to the Construction Financial Management Association.

  • Chad Bunting

    Chad Bunting

    Chad Bunting is owner and President of Schoppe Co., Inc. (SCI) in Salt Lake City, Utah. SCI is a straight line sheet metal company, specializing in the fabrication and installation of HVAC systems for hospitals, schools, higher education, office buildings, and collection systems. SCI employs, on average, 40 union sheet metal workers.
  • Michael Coleman

    Michael Coleman

    In September 2019, Michael became Director of Construction Craft Services.  In that role, he helped manage relations with sheet metal and construction industry stakeholders and other Unions.  Soon after, upon Joseph Powell’s election to General Secretary Treasurer, Coleman transitioned to his current role as Assistant to the General President. 
  • Matt Cramer

    Matt Cramer

    Matt is the President of Dee Cramer, Inc., an 83 year-old sheet metal/HVAC contractor in Holly, Michigan. Dee Cramer was ranked as the 11th largest sheet metal contractor in the U.S. by ENR Magazine in October 2019. The company specializes in institutional, commercial and industrial projects and is an industry leader in 3D CAD, Building Information Modeling (BIM), and Integrated Project Delivery (IPD).
  • Carol Duncan

    Carol Duncan

    Carol Duncan is the owner and Chief Executive Officer of General Sheet Metal, Inc. (GSM) in Clackamas, Oregon. GSM fabricates and installs dry side mechanical sheet metal, architectural metals, architectural panel manufacturing, specialty metal fabrication and industrial service.
  • Ronald Eagar

    Ronald J. Eagar

    Ronald J. Eagar is the Chief Operating Officer at Grassi & Co., and a member of the firm’s Executive Committee.  He offers more than two decades of experience in both public and private accounting.  Ron’s expertise extends beyond the traditional areas of accounting and taxation and he serves as a comprehensive business advisor to all his clients.
  • Tom Martin

    Tom Martin

    Tom Martin is President of T.H. Martin, Inc., headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio. T.H. Martin is a full-service mechanical, plumbing, and sheet metal contractor. The company employs approximately 100 sheet metal workers and 75 pipe fitters, plumbers, and service fitters.
  • Rob Mckinney Photo for Web

    Rob McKinney

    Rob McKinney is a pioneering construction technologist that works with apps every day to better understand how they can improve workflows in the construction industry. His blog site offers many reviews on current construction technology solutions. 
  • Michael McLin

    Michael McLin

    Michael McLin is Managing Director at Maxim Consulting Group where he is responsible for leading the business and guiding its strategic direction.   Michael works with construction related firms of all sizes to evaluate business practices and assist with management challenges.  

  • Stephane-McShane

    Stephane McShane

    Stephane McShane is a Director at Maxim Consulting Group. In this position, she works with construction related firms of all sizes to evaluate business practices and assist with management challenges. 
  • Andy Work Photo for Web

    Andy Patron

    Andy Patron owns his own consulting company, Above Board Consulting, LLC. In his previous position as principal at FMI Consulting, he traveled around the world creating, evaluating, and implementing training and development programs.
  • Joseph Powell

    Joseph Powell

    Joseph Powell was elected to the position of General Secretary-Treasurer on August 14, 2019 at the 2nd SMART General Convention. He has played a key role in leading and directing SMART’s grassroots member engagement programs like the SMART Army and its organizing initiatives in the sheet metal industry.
  • Ryan Quigley

    Ryan Quigley

    As a leadership consultant with FMI, Ryan Quigley is responsible for supporting thought leadership team initiatives by balancing client work with internal research. Ryan is passionate about building strong leaders and developing high performing teams through people and process improvement.

  • Joseph Sellers, Jr.

    Joseph Sellers, Jr.

    Joseph Sellers, Jr., is a second-generation sheet metal worker who has risen steadily in his 39 years as an industry professional and union official.  As SMART General President and General Secretary-Treasurer, Joseph developed and led special campaigns to increase outreach and awareness for construction, production and transportation industries members, union industry officials and policy makers on key issues including pensions, health care, and apprenticeships.
  • Donna Silverman

    Donna Silverman

    Donna Silverman is Assistant to the General President and Special Counsel for the International Association of Sheet Metal, Air, Rail and Transportation Workers (SMART). She previously served as SMART House Counsel.
  • Steve Taylor

    Steven T. Taylor, P.E.

    Steve Taylor is the principal of Taylor Engineering in Alameda, CA. He is a registered mechanical engineer specializing in HVAC system design, control system design, indoor air quality engineering, computerized building energy analysis, and HVAC system commissioning. 
  • Mark Terzigni

    Mark Terzigni

    As Director of Engineering, Mark Terzigni oversees the development of SMACNA’s technical manuals and applications. Other responsibilities include creating and maintaining relationships with industry organizations, representing SMACNA at those organizations, developing technical webinars, CEU/PDH courses, and other educational programs for organizations such as ICC, ASHRAE, AIA, AHR Expo, and SMACNA. 
  • Lori Wood

    Lori Wood

    Lori Wood is the Executive Director of the Sheet Metal Workers’ National Pension Fund (SMWNPF). The SMWNPF is a $5 billion, labor-management defined benefit pension plan with approximately 140,000 participants nationwide.