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2018 SMACNA Annual Convention

October 14-17, 2018 | San Diego, California

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Michael McLin


Michael McLin is the Managing Director at Maxim Consulting Group responsible for leading the business and guiding the strategic direction. Michael works with construction related firms of all sizes to evaluate business practices and assist with management challenges. Having worked in the industry, Michael has developed a practical and objective perspective to solving business challenges. Areas of specialization include: organizational assessments, strategic planning, project execution, productivity improvement, prefabrication, peer groups, and training programs. Mr. McLin is a nationally recognized, dynamic public speaker and published author.

McLin will present on the following:

Monday, October 15
7:30 -9:00 a.m.
HVAC Contractors Forum: 
Productivity Tracking in the HVAC Industry for Design, Manufacturing and Installation
A New Horizons Foundation (NHF) Project

Productivity is the cornerstone of profitability for sheet metal contractors.  Small changes in productivity result in large changes in profitability but tracking and impacting productivity is elusive. Michael McLin, author of the New Horizons Foundation’s recent white paper on this topic, will explore how companies in the industry are budgeting and tracking productivity in the design, detailing, manufacturing and field installation phases of a project. 

McLin will share the NHF study’s findings, that include:

- Best practices for productivity tracking.

- Pitfalls and challenges for productivity tracking.

- Tools and technology used in tracking.

- The correlation of productivity tracking to profitability.

Additionally, methods to impact productivity at each phase of the project will be discussed. McLin will share alternatives to support various company sizes, service offerings, and sophistication of accounting methods.

Tuesday, October 16
1:30 -3:00 p.m.
Establishing Overhead and Burden in a Sheet Metal and HVAC Business

Sheet metal and HVAC contractors are unique in the construction industry in that they engineer, manufacture and install products made from raw materials. Their scope of services creates confusion and sometimes conflict with owners and general contractors who may not be familiar with the cost structure of a sheet metal and HVAC contractor.

Michael McLin, managing director of Maxim Consulting Group, will cover the various types of expenses incurred by a sheet metal and HVAC contractor to properly determine correct overhead and burden rates. He and the audience will engage in a clear and concise discussion surrounding the scope of services provided by the sheet metal and HVAC contractor and how overhead and burden should be calculated.

Participants will learn the types of costs incurred in a sheet metal business and how to properly segment them into logical buckets to establish proper overhead and burden rates for spatial coordination, manufacturing, and installation.