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How to Choose and Build Trusted Teams: The Magical “Gut Feel” Revealed!


Oct 21, 2019, 2:00 PM - 3:30 PM, Grand Ballroom 1

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Business Management


Construction is a process involving thousands of decisions. Choosing the right people and partners is the most important one. But the process and criteria to make the right decisions are rarely defined, communicated or trained. Why? Is it a “magical gut feel?”  

The truth is, principals and senior leaders have done it so long, so many times, the criteria and signs of a great partnership come naturally. This makes it hard for them to define and train their emerging leaders and young professionals.

In this session, we will discuss:

  • How do you choose partners?  
  • What do you look for beyond experience and expertise in the people and partners on your team?  
  • What should emerging leaders know and look for to make the right decisions?  

    You will learn:
  • Three reasons teams fail  
  • Four  characteristics to define when choosing people and partnerships  
  • What to look for and where to look before becoming engaged 
  • A tool to help train teams choose the right people and partners  
  • Speakers

    DeWayne AblesDeWayne Ables

    DeWayne Ables is the founder and president of Pioneer IQ. He helps owners and executives in the construction industry learn the necessary skills to develop leaders and build a high impact company that prospers.  

    Ables is a national education instructor for many construction associations, and has served over 400 design and construction companies. He has developed a unique “Strategic Growth Method” for this generation of pioneers who are designing and building America.

    His method empowers leaders to tap into the greater potential of the people on their team, uncover their unique purpose. and build a business that will inspire people to intentionally impact their market and community.