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Engaging a Workforce in Transition - Keeping Skilled Labor (A New Horizons Foundation Project)


Oct 22, 2019, 1:30 PM - 3:00 PM, Grand Ballroom 3

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Business Management


Engaging a Workforce in Transition - Keeping Skilled Labor  (a New Horizons Foundation Project)

For more than 20 years, the skilled labor shortage has been a concern among stakeholders across the engineering and construction industry. Highly engaged employees continue to be the best way to attract and retain people, as well as achieve a larger return on compensation.

In the next decade, the industry will undergo one of the most significant transitions of multiple generations. This transition will present new challenges for employers. It requires a thorough understanding of the behaviors, decision-making processes, motivations, and risk tolerance of all those involved to attract, retain, and engage employees. This is particularly important when considering the knowledge base that must be transferred from older to younger generations.


Jay Bowman

Jay Bowman
Managing Director
FMI Corporation

As a principal with FMI, Jay Bowman assists a broad range of stakeholders in the construction industry with the identification and assessment of the risks influencing the strategic and tactical decisions they face. In this role, Bowman's primary responsibilities include research design and interpretation.

Bowman earned his MBA from East Carolina University. He received undergraduate degrees from the University of Georgia in risk management and insurance. Prior to joining FMI, he worked with Aon Risk Services in Atlanta, Georgia.