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SMACNA develops publications, surveys and educational programs to keep SMACNA managers abreast of the best business practices that can be used for running a sheet metal and air conditioning contracting business. National and local seminars, publications, and self-study and distance-learning programs are available to SMACNA members on financial management, project management, managing a sheet metal contracting business, and issues impacting the changing marketplace. 











The Latest

  • News Tom Schleifer’s Construction Company Self-Analysis Program

    The long-anticipated Construction Company Self-Analysis Program is now available. Developed by Dr. Thomas C. Schleifer, this do-it-yourself diagnostic tool offers the equivalent of an independent expert evaluation of every aspect of a construction business.


  • News Attend SMACNA's Women in Construction Summit

    SMACNA members and chapter executives are invited to attend the 2019 Women in Construction Leadership Council (WCLC) Summit meeting on June 1, 2019 in Lake Tahoe, NV.


  • News New Management Succession Book

    Is your company prepared to let the next generation step up and assume a leadership role when the baby boomer generation retires?


  • News A dynamic week of business study

    Participants in SMACNA’s recent 2017 Business Management University (BMU) in Tempe, Ariz., learned the real-world business skills needed to run a robust sheet metal and HVAC company.


  • Resource Use SMACNA's Software Survey to Select the Right Software

    Selecting the best software for your company is essential to staying competitive. But how do you know what to select? Your fellow SMACNA contractors can help you choose the right software for your company.


  • News Principles of Job Costing Guide

    An effective job costing system helps construction managers and business owners be more successful and profitable. It is also a critical tool for identifying and controlling risk. SMACNA’s updated “Principles of Job Costing” offers insight into improving your company’s job costing system.


  • Resource Managing Risk in the Construction Industry - a 2017 Smart Market Report

    This study provides information on the financial, safety and overall project risks facing the construction industry today. SMACNA is a research partner to the study. It should help contractors gain a broader understanding of the types and levels of risks throughout the construction industry.


  • Resource 2017 Materials and Inventory Management Guide

    Looking for a resource on purchasing and inventory management systems? Whether simple or complex, these systems are a set of rules for deciding when to purchase materials and services and how much to purchase. Download the guide today!


  • Resource Guideline to Information Technology

    SMACNA’s Guideline to Information Technology offers members guidance on the proper combination of standardized hardware, software, and connectivity. This easy-to-read, 39-page document also includes two critical appendices: A Sample Disaster Recovery Plan and a Sample Information Technology Policy and Procedures Manual.


  • Resource NECA Productivity Studies

    This series of studies on productivity in electrical construction offers helpful information when evaluating special job conditions and related factors. These resources are helpful in applying the job factors in the SMACNA Reference Manual for Labor units for Sheet Metal and HVAC.


  • Resource Residential / Light Commercial Management Program

    The Residential Retrofit and Service Operations Management Program contains the latest information and methodologies to start up and run a profitable and successful residential and light commercial HVAC service and replacement department. read more


  • News BMU grads complete successful week of business study

    A focused group of SMACNA member future leaders were recently engaged by leading industry experts to learn the business skills required to run a successful sheet metal and HVAC company.


  • Resource Alliance Project Management Manual

    This manual, developed by the Mechanical-Electrical-Sheet Metal Alliance, provides guidelines to ensure that a construction job is planned properly prior to the commencement of actual field work. Topic areas include: basic operating factors that pertain directly to construction businesses, types of construction contracts, and more.


  • Resource HPC Self Assessment Checklist

    Contractors face many challenges and risks but perhaps the biggest risk of all is to not continuously improve the company’s management systems. All companies have managers but not all have leaders. It is the leaders who ask themselves how are we managing today and how can we do better tomorrow?


  • Resource Creating the High-Performing Contracting Company

    In these pages you'll find an approach to developing and strengthening your business systems. Specific, real-life examples are provided of practices and methods used by high-performing contractors that are creating greater levels of success for their businesses.


  • Resource ISO 9000 and ISO 14000

    The International Organization of Standardization (ISO) is a worldwide federation consisting of member bodies from 91 countries, which promotes the development of international manufacturing, trade and communication standards.


  • Resource AGC Guide to Construction Financing - 2nd Edition

    Why should contractors care about construction project financing? One of the major hurdles that almost any owner faces in a construction project is financing the construction and other development costs.


  • Webinars Kick-Off Meetings with Impact

    Kick-off Meetings with Impact is designed to help SMACNA Contractors and their production teams take charge of new projects and determine the most profitable way to proceed.


  • Webinars Contractor Compensation and Rewards Overview

    Creating the right compensation plan can be a powerful weapon in the war for attracting and retaining talent. The goals of any incentive compensation plan should be to attract new talent, retain your current team members and reward people for superior performance.


  • Webinars SMACNA BIM Webinar Series

    This two-part SMACNA BIM webinar series will explore how technology has bridged the gaps between design, fabrication and construction to enable a fully efficient and compliant MEP BIM workflow.


  • Webinars The Long Road to Recovery

    The “Long Road to Recovery” is a crucial and timely message to SMACNA contractors. With new research, Dr. Schleifer will discuss the current industry analyses and market projections for the coming year.


  • Webinars Improving Project Productivity – Communication is the Key

    What are the practical tools and methods successful contractors employ to increase project productivity? Short interval planning, scheduling and effective turn-over meetings all require a focused buy-in from the field.


  • Webinars A Three Part Webinar Series: Advanced BIM

    The Advanced BIM webinars (series of three) include 1) Setting up Navisworks Files & Working with Clash Reports; 2) Communication & Meetings; and 3) Documentation and “Taking the Model to the Field”. Advanced Navisworks is designed specifically for SMACNA members eager to learn the essential concepts of 3D Clash Detection and MEP Coordination. Advanced Navisworks is designed for sheet metal contractors wanting to increase their knowledge and proficiency in Navisworks. This series of webinars will increase your knowledge of the software while providing information on how to leverage Navisworks for 3D Coordination and Collaboration.


  • Webinars The Real Costs of Running a Sheet Metal Business: A Two Part Webinar Series

    Learn what it takes to make a project profitable and how every step can make a difference! This webinar series has been developed to explore the true cost of doing business while remaining cost-conscious and competitive.


  • Webinars Missing a Piece of Your HVAC Puzzle? Differentiate Your HVAC Service Offerings with Energy Assessments!

    Participants will learn the best practices on how to incorporate Energy Assessments into Planned Maintenance Agreements (PMAs). This webinar will address: • What is an Energy Assessment? • Differentiating your PMA offerings using Energy Assessments • and more


  • Webinars Time Management: Turning Today’s Rat Race into a Productive Workplace

    Does it seem like there is more to do with not enough time? Everyone and everything demanding your attention, i.e., Facebook, e-mail, phones, colleagues? In today’s world, with new technologies and social media, most of us are asked to get more done in less time.


  • Webinars Take Control of Your Financial Health [FREE]

    Free webinar. PDF included.


  • Webinars Surviving the Recession, Managing Through Uncertainty

    Learn more about today’s recession and how to survive this serious market downturn from a leading industry authority. As the recession continues, construction management expert Tom Schleifer will inform you how additional research is providing important data about strategies to survive and prosper.


  • Webinars Exit and Succession Strategies for HVAC/Sheet Metal Contractors

    This webinar is based on the New Horizons Foundation research project Exit Strategies for HVAC/Sheet Metal Contractors, Strategies for Equity and Ownership Transfer. The project describes the various equity transfer planning alternatives including employee and family buyouts, ESOPs, and third-party sales to a strategic or financial (private equity) buyer.


  • Webinars Mentoring and Coaching Practices: Developing the Next Generation

    This webinar, based on the New Horizons Foundation research project Mentoring and Coaching Practices: Developing the Next Generation will cover the reasons for and benefits of developing mentoring and coaching programs.


  • Webinars LEED Version 3

    This webinar begins with a brief overview and function of the United States Green Building Council (USGBC) and Green Building Certification Institute (GBCI).


  • Webinars Lean Works in the Service Contracting World

    Even in today’s harsh economy HVAC Service Contracting work is still happening - but with greater competition! How do you stay ahead of the competition? By applying Lean principles and practices.


  • Webinars SMACNA Reference Manual for Labor Units

    Throw away your crystal ball – SMACNA’s "Reference Manual for Labor Units" can predict your true production costs and improve your production process to boot.


  • Webinars Weathering the Storm: Strategies for Navigating a Turbulent Market

    In crisis there is opportunity. Now is not the time to panic. Now is the time to take advantage of the opportunity you have to refine your business model and your business.


  • Webinars Building Information Modeling - The Key to Unlocking Your Future

    This webinar discusses the advancements in technology and how these affect the construction market. It covered the basics of BIM, how it benefits SMACNA members, and how it quickly gained a foothold among construction owners.


  • Resource SMACNA Guide to Cost Recovery Rates Spreadsheet

    SMACNA Guide to Cost Recovery Rates Excel Spreadsheet


  • Resource SMACNA Guide to Cost Recovery for Sheet Metal and HVAC Equipment

    The SMACNA Guide to Cost Recovery for Sheet Metal and HVAC Equipment is researched and published by Equipment Watch. The use of EquipmentWatch data or information, whether from this publication or from any other material supplied by EquipmentWatch or from other parties, may not be used in any type of legal or administrative proceedings without the express authorization of an officer of EquipmentWatch in advance and in writing.


  • Resource Guide for Implementation of Total Quality Management for Sheet Metal and Air Conditioning Contractors

    A SMACNA contractor wasn’t getting accurate labor coding from job sites so they couldn’t monitor job cost progress. A team made up of a cross-section of field, accounting and estimating personnel was created to analyze the problem and recommend a solution. The team’s solution was to modify work code numbers and make them project-specific. The codes to be used are identified during pre-job meetings.


  • Resource Contractor Operations Manual

    Contract Operations Manual comprising nine PDFs (Members Only)