Sheet Metal & Air Conditioning Contractors’ National Association

SASMI Announces New COVID-19 Benefit

Mar 20, 2020

SASMI will provide all eligible and qualified participants unable to work during any part of the remaining 2020A Stabilization Period (ending June 2020) due to exposure to COVID-19, displaced from employment as a result of COVID-19, or who have voluntarily removed themselves from the workforce in response to COVID-19 with a special emergency benefit equivalent to approximately 40 hours pay.  This amount is in addition to the normal underemployment or unemployment benefit. Additional details are available on the SASMI website.

While SASMI will be notifying local unions and participants of this benefit, contractors in SASMI covered areas may wish to share SASMI's COVID-19 webpage with their impacted employees.  Additionally, contractors should be aware that SASMI will be verifying participants' applications with employers over the telephone. Therefore, contractors with effected employees may want to provide employees the best contact information to include with their SASMI application so as to centralize the verification process within their organization. 

Download the full SASMI Announcement onCOVID-19