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Planning Your Exit and Business Evaluation Program

Planning Your Exit and Business Valuation Program

Please note if you are making airline arrangements, we strongly recommend purchasing refundable tickets due to the on-going COVID-19 pandemic. We are monitoring the situation closely and will let registrants know immediately if there are any changes to the program.

April 18-20, 2021
San Diego, CA

Planning Your Exit and Business Valuation will focus on planned exit options and help business owners develop a personalized exit plan. 

This intensive two-day program will cover:

  • owner readiness
  • business readiness
  • market readiness
  • exit options
  • the sales process
  • legal and tax consequences

Participants will learn what choices are available to them and the realistic expectations and consequences of transferring ownership of your business. Additionally, all participants will develop their own personal action plans that can be fully tracked and monitored.

Learn the three keys to a planned exit:

  1.  Owner Readiness Process – personal financial plan, lifestyle plan, and emotional preparedness
  2. Business Readiness Process – review, assess and evaluate: sales, marketing, operations, org chart, financials and withdrawal liability
  3. Market Readiness – valuation, financing, deal structure, and buyer types (financial vs. strategic)

Selecting a planned exit option:

  • Voluntary – family transition, ESOP, 3rd party sale, dissolution
  • Involuntary – death, divorce, departure, disability

Designing your planned exit:

  • Align with your original objective – still on track?
  • Decide your best option – how to best prepare the business
  • Consider the deal structure

Participants will learn about:

  •  Options available
  • Where to start
  • Additional resources available

Program Takeaways

  1. Education: learn why planning for an ownership transfer and a correct valuation of your business is crucial.
  2. Action Items: necessary steps to create a planned exit.
  3. Tools: how to accomplish your task lists in the plan.
  4. Resources: who you should call on for assistance during your planned exit process.
  5. Confidence: Learn from colleagues that have already gone through this process of how and when to start planning your exit.

Who Should Attend
Current business owners who are within five years (preferably) of a planned exit or retirement. Enrollment in this program will be limited to 30 participants with a maximum of three from one company.

About the Instructors

John Ovrom

John Ovrom
President & Founder, Exit Consulting Group, Inc.

John is a blend of big firm accounting, private development, small business owner and mergers and acquisitions expertise. A specialist in creating roadmaps for business owners to define success, develop solutions and establish a plan of action to achieve those results.

As a serial entrepreneur, John understands the day-to-day challenges of running a business. He knows the stress of cash flow, the need to make payroll, the lows of being sued, even when he was right, and paying the taxman who is a terrible partner. John has helped parents transfer ownership to the next generation, owners sell to key employees, establish Employee Stock Option Plan (ESOP), partners buying in or selling out, outside sales transactions, and long-term exit planning.

Lamar Rutherford

Lamar Rutherford
Director of Brokering, Exit Consulting Group, Inc.

As an exit consultant, Lamar helps mid to medium-sized business owners determine the best option for their exit and get the maximum value for their business. Lamar’s personal experience as a business owner, a CPA, an MBA and a teacher at UCSD help her to understand a business and its value quickly and easily. Her proven track record of successful sales shows that she is an expert negotiator, has access to a large pool of qualified buyers and knows how to find creative solutions to overcome the many challenges that can come up during the sales process.