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Daikin highlights new prefab techniques for HVAC Council

SMACNA’s HVAC Contractors Council Steering Committee learned about innovative prefabrication techniques and trends in modular central plant construction during a recent tour of the Daikin Modular Central Plant (MCP) fabrication facility in Phoenix.

White Paper: Off-Site Construction, Modularization, and Sheet Metal Prefabrication

This New Horizons Foundation paper focuses on off-site construction from the perspective of prefabrication and installation of preassembled building components within “traditional” site-built construction project delivery methods or systems.

2016 Convention Session Explores the Benefits of Prefabrication

To stay competitive in today's market, contractors must stop thinking about prefabrication as a custom, once in a lifetime job and start thinking like a manufacturer where standard products are built for installation.

ENR SmartMarket Report

ENR SmartMarket Report examines the impact of prefabrication and modularization on industry productivity.

FMI Prefabrication and Modularization in Construction Survey

According to FMI’s 2013 Prefabrication and Modularization in Construction Survey, only 40% of all contractors responding consider their capabilities in prefabrication and modular construction as a part of their company’s strategic initiative.

Multi-trade Modular Rack Design and Construction Video – Southland Industries

In this video, Southland Industries explains how the use of in-house engineering and construction resources build multi-trade modular rack systems.

Limbach: Off-Site Prefabrication Video

Many components of piping systems can be fabricated in Limbach's shop for delivery to the job site for quick, safe and accurate assembly. This video explores Limbach off-site prefabrication.

NIBS Off-Site Construction Council Software Usage Survey

This NIBS report discloses results on off-site construction software usage survey.

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