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SMACNA launches podcast, Let’s Talk Shop

The first episode features host Angie Simon, president of Western Allied Mechanical, Inc., on prefabrication trends with Joseph Lansdell, president of Poynter Sheet Metal.

Climate Engineers Video Shows Benefits of Prefabrication

Eastern Iowa-based Climate Engineers describes the benefits and business opportunities of an efficient prefabrication process.

Rethinking Offsite Construction

Recent FMI research offers a high-level snapshot of today's U.S. offsite construction environment and reveals how owner organizations perceive and use offsite construction for their projects.

New white paper – Discover the impact of prefabrication on productivity

The New Horizons Foundation’s white paper, The Impact of Prefabrication on Productivity, provides the answer to the relationship between productivity and prefabrication.

Off-Site Construction, Modularization, and Sheet Metal Prefabrication: Trends, Current Practice, and Recommendations

For this 2015 New Horizons Foundation white paper, researchers completed an in-depth review of literature, conducted surveys of nearly 300 industry professionals, and reviewed related case studies.

Daikin highlights new prefab techniques for HVAC Council

SMACNA’s HVAC Contractors Council Steering Committee learned about innovative prefabrication techniques and trends in modular central plant construction during a recent tour of the Daikin Modular Central Plant (MCP) fabrication facility in Phoenix.

ENR SmartMarket Report

ENR SmartMarket Report examines the impact of prefabrication and modularization on industry productivity.

Multi-trade Modular Rack Design and Construction Video – Southland Industries

In this video, Southland Industries explains how the use of in-house engineering and construction resources build multi-trade modular rack systems.

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