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New technologies streamline Southland Industries' work

Using collaboration tools and other new technologies on data center work has made possible extensive productivity gains at SMACNA contractor Southland Industries and helps make them more competitive. Southland has offices in California, Nevada, and Virginia.

Smith Sheet Metal Works steps out of comfort zone with transit project

A recent project at the Hamilton Transit Centre (HTC) in Richmond, B.C., Canada, was twice the size that Smith Sheet Metal Works LTD, Port Coquitlam, B.C., had ever taken on. Further, it required all the buildings to be completed simultaneously.

Industrial Project Information Available to Contractors through SMART

A significant resource for SMACNA contractors looking for project opportunities in the industrial sector is available through SMART and local Union offices. Industrial Info Resources© is a web-based search engine that gathers, updates and disseminates information on industrial customers and projects.

Duct Fabricators helps clean up Lake Erie by going underground

SMACNA Cleveland’s Duct Fabricators Inc., based in Cleveland, Ohio, is helping keep roughly 4 billion gallons of untreated waste out of Lake Erie every year with its work on the $73 million Easterly Tunnel Dewatering Pump Station (ETDPS) project, one of the largest combined sewer pump station projects in the United States.

UMEC: Heavy weight contractor for Herculean task

A project for Solar Turbines in San Diego required SMACNA contractor University Mechanical and Engineering Contractors, Inc. (UMEC), an EMCOR Company, of El Cajon, Calif., to do some seriously heavy lifting.

Seattle contractor gets into hot water to warm Amazon campus

When Seattle-based SMACNA contractor McKinstry recently got into hot water, the company was not in trouble. Rather, it was undertaking an innovative “green” project that saves enough energy annually to keep 365 Seattle homes warm or 80 million kilowatt hours of energy over the next 25 years.

SMACNA contractor helps Cleveland plant go clean and green

When Cleveland’s Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District recently constructed a new $170 million energy treatment center, they called upon SMACNA contractor Duct Fabricators to provide the new facility with its extensive air-handling systems. They had a big job to do.

Two SMACNA contractors enable Rider University to save energy, boost building performance

Fume hood conversions lead to energy efficiency, cost savings − In university laboratories, fume hoods help keep scientists, students, instructors, and researchers safe. Fume hoods protect lab workers from fumes, smoke, and hazardous chemical vapors that escape into the air while they work.

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