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CASS architectural experts restore Michigan State Capitol roof

IMG_2389Repairing more than 100 years of leaky roofing was the challenge SMACNA architectural sheet metal contractor Custom Architectural Sheetmetal Specialists (CASS) of Detroit, Mich., signed up for when they installed a new copper roof on the historic Michigan State Capitol building in Lansing, Mich.

The historic capitol building, with its roofs that stretch in four directions from the capitol dome, had leaked whenever it rained since it was first constructed in 1872. A few years ago the capitol facility called in historic preservation experts CASS Sheet Metal to solve the problem. IMG_2329

SMACNA contractor CASS Sheetmetal installed the copper roof in two phases.

In phase one, following the recommendations of SMACNA’s “Architectural Sheet Metal Manual,” CASS tested and re-roofed the eastern section of the capitol rooftop in 2007.

That roof plan served as a template for their recent renovation of the entire rooftop. Known for their expertise in historic restoration, CASS walked the rooftop and analyzed every detail. In phase two, the new plan called for a combination copper double-lock batten seam roof and rubber roof.

 IMG_2593  IMG_2357

In addition to meticulously sealing the roof, CASS installed many custom-stamped elements, including such details as:

  • 600 oval balls for the custom curved soldered garlands
  • 1,600 2-inch balls
  • 100 4-inch to 2.5-inch balls
  • 130 stamped leaves
  • 200 custom cast iron leaves and parts on the façade

 IMG_2335 IMG_2647

CASS’s architectural experts also flashed and soldered 32 urn bases and installed all the two-tier sill flashing around the building.

The result: The capitol building is more watertight now than it has ever been.

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CASS Sheet Metal specializes in the consulting, design, and installation of architectural sheet metal work, copper and metal roofing, copper fabrication, and historical renovations.