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Architectural Contractors Forum: Getting out in front of virtual design is a smart move

Tom Zahner
Planning construction in a digital environment is about as obvious a move as a company can make to improve the bottom line and broaden market share; doing it with others is trickier. The world is moving toward collaborative digital definition for several reasons: speed of execution, effective risk management, and even environmental implications.

The reality is that the digital environment simply makes good business sense.

In the Architectural Contractor’s Forum to be held during SMACNA’s Annual Convention in Maui, Hawaii this October, you will get a glimpse of the future of construction planning and management and learn how to bridge the gap between design and construction by using a single communication platform. You will receive an introduction to:

  • The big picture overview of Virtual Design for Construction (VDC) techniques and how it fits into the world of building information modeling (BIM).
  • How design can be virtually connected to construction and how information can flow between them.
  • Industry trends and long-term expectations.
  • Examples of real-world return on investment (ROI).

You will also gain improved awareness of opportunities to use VDC and how to collaborate in a BIM environment; discover how to use virtual design to identify and plan for risks and opportunities, and learn to use digital definition for project lifecycle management.

The Architectural Forum is presented by Tom Zahner, chief operating officer of A. Zahner Co. Inc. (ZAHNER), Kansas City., Mo. He has been a leader in constructing complex, cost efficient art, and architectural structures for more than 20 years. ZAHNER is at the forefront of digital definition for manufacturing and construction.

View the full convention schedule here.