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Control Air North completes 24 percent more work with no extension

Samsung HQ required massive cooling equipment

Overall Samsung Project Photo (High Resolution)Bay Area SMACNA member Control Air North, Inc Hayward, Calif., received the 2016 Tom Guilfoy Memorial Craftsmanship of the Year Award (mechanical category) for project work on the Samsung American Headquarters in Santa Clara, Calif. Successful project completion required extensive collaboration between trades, innovative techniques and construction, and a high level of craftsmanship.

Samsung’s American Headquarters has a 700,000-sq.-ft., 10-story tower with custom architectural features that includes offices, research and development facilities, a clean room, data center, full-service cafeteria, fitness spaces, and meditation gardens.

In aNBBJ_Samsung-3717ddition, there is a 600,000-sq.-ft., nine-story parking garage that houses the central utility plant. The LEED-certified facilities are built on a 9.5-acre site in the heart of Silicon Valley with a zero project lot line. Samsung plans to eventually employ 2,000 workers at the campus.

Control Air North used 3-D BIM detailing and more than 600 pieces of HVAC equipment for the project. BIM detailing required more than 20,500 sheet metal hours, and the whole project more than 130,000 person hours to complete.

Samsung Duct Transparent_2_CR_bldgOver the course of about two years, there were multiple owner-directed changes culminating in a 24 percent increase to the contract value. Control Air North welded more than 30,000 pounds of stainless steel and fabricated and installed 660,000 pounds of galvanized, double-wall duct, all with no contract extension.

The Samsung American Headquarters building has an exterior walk path at every third floor that required the enlargement of the structural steel and sheer walls to support the cantilevered floors. The result was a significant reduction of space for the HVAC distribution duct requiring frequent offsets and coordination tolerances of less than one-half inch.

The numerous laboratories, research areas, and large computers required a massive server room with over 10 million BTUs per hour of cooling and 1,150 pounds per hour of humidification. The computer room’s massive air handling units are the size of a small family home.

SamsungHdqts_020Each section of the air handling units consisted of a minimum of four pieces that had to be individually rigged, fitted, and bolted into position to conform with seismic requirements. The largest duct section sized at 110- x 96-inches was installed at the 10th floor shaft opening and had to be integrated with the building structure and erected concurrent with the structural build-out.

Samsung Main profile pictureMany of the 17 air handling units, 27 fan coil units and 22 fans—with a total combined weight over 382 tons, had to be “rigged” into place after the structure was installed as a result of the accelerated structural schedule.

The Tom Guilfoy Memorial Craftsmanship of the Year Award is presented annually by CAL SMACNA for a project where attention to detail and expertise is critical and exemplifies the teamwork among sheet metal workers and contractors, as well as contractors and owners. Control Air North, which was established in 1978, has won three other Guilfoy awards.

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