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DOE announces $14M for small business retrofits

Will improve efficiency, create 500 jobs

The U.S. Energy Department recently announced $14 million in project awards to dramatically increase the efficiency of U.S. homes and businesses. The funds will be awarded through two Department programs—the Commercial Buildings Integration Program, to retrofit office buildings and businesses, and the Building America program, to create more comfortable homes.

The projects will improve the efficiency of at least 2,600 buildings nationwide, leverage almost $17 million in partner resources, and create nearly 500 jobs.

The Energy Department will make six awards for up to $8.4 million through the Commercial Buildings Integration program to nationally scale-up replicable, energy-efficient solutions for small and medium office buildings, apartments, stores, restaurants, and businesses.

The new projects will implement deep retrofit and workforce training programs, spur adoption of advanced energy-efficient technologies, and initiate efficiency programs for small businesses in low-income communities.

Under its Building America program, the Energy Department will make eight awards for up to $5.5 million for industry partners to create more comfortable homes that will save homeowners money on their utility bills.

Partners will pilot several innovative approaches including low-cost construction methods; highly-efficient integrated heating, cooling, and ventilation systems; indoor air quality (IAQ) solutions for healthier homes; and software that will remotely identify homes that can benefit most from energy efficiency retrofits. They will also demonstrate zero energy-ready homes for the affordable housing market.

The awards are part of the Administration’s effort to cut energy waste in the nation’s buildings and double energy productivity by 2030. These projects will cut energy costs for thousands of American families and businesses, while leading to greater demand for new building products and technologies, many of which can be produced in the U.S.

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