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Produce a winning product with Integrated Project Delivery

Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) is a “teamwork” approach to managing projects. It is based on the principle that when all parties working on the same project—architects, engineers, contractors—collaborate together toward shared goals, it creates a better product.

Discover how to tap into Integrated Project Delivery in SMACNA’s latest Contracts Bulletin No. 117 “Working as a Team: Integrated Project Delivery.”

The Bulletin outlines how using IPD can benefit a project by increasing teamwork and efficiency and getting early involvement of all parties to boost effectiveness and accuracy. It also covers why project managers are using IPD and collaboration with building information modeling (BIM).

The Bulletin also features a SMACNA member’s great tips and advice on using integrated project delivery. Download the Contract Bulletin on SMACNA’s Project Management Web page today.