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Wiegmann Associates saves GameWorks a ton of money

Gameworks 1-2 copySMACNA’s Wiegmann Associates, a St. Louis-based mechanical contractor, recently completed a design-assist HVAC project for the new family entertainment center GameWorks Denver. Wiegmann’s HVAC solution reduced equipment and installation costs, and will result in annual energy savings.

DSCN6155The primary project challenge was to adapt the building’s existing HVAC equipment, designed for an electronics store, to serve the needs of a 33,800-sq.-ft. multi-purpose facility including a restaurant and bar, arcade room, laser tag arena, eSports center, and small and large private event rooms—accommodating up to 200.

“We didn’t think there was any way to save the owner money, yet Wiegmann ended up saving that project $100,000 to $140,000. We were able to redesign the system, save the owner a ton of money, and have a better system,” said Nathan Addison of Catamount Constructors Inc., the general contractor for the project.

Wiegmann performed heating and cooling load calculations, which allowed for a 25 percent reduction in equipment capacity. They installed 10 new rooftop units instead of refurbishing older equipment, simplified the ductwork and air distribution system, and replaced several ductless split systems with more economical solutions, all while reducing mechanical construction costs by 28 percent over the original design.

Gameworks 3-2   party_room_VVT_system_we_installed 

The contractor also programmed the building’s HVAC controls for an estimated 12 percent reduction in annual energy costs.


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