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Women are shattering HVAC’s glass ceiling


Angie Simon, president, Western Allied Mechanical Inc.

While HVAC’s crop of experienced workers are beginning to hang up their hard hats and retire, HVAC companies are struggling to replenish their reserves of skilled workers. The DOL estimates that 115,000 new HVACR workers must be trained by 2022 to meet the anticipated demand.

Recruiting women can help solve this current—and future—labor shortage problem. Women represent an untapped resource for the HVAC industry.

In the ACHR News article “Women Shattering HVAC's Glass Ceiling,” women company owners and executives discussed how they got into the industry, including Angie Simon, president of Western Allied Mechanical Inc., Menlo Park, Calif.

Ms. Simon, who was recently elected SMACNA vice president and named SMACNA 2016 Contractor of the Year, talked about how she loves the unique challenges of each project and how she got into this type of work.

Only 1.7 percent of the nation’s heating, air conditioning, and refrigeration installers and technicians were women in 2015, according to the U.S. Department of Labor. Further employment of women in the trades could substantially help close the nationwide labor gap.

Learn how the HVAC industry is reaching out to women and how they feel about the HVAC industry in the article “Women Shattering HVAC's Glass Ceiling.”