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EEO-1 Filing Not required in 2017

It’s the time of year when normally many employers would be preparing to file their annual EEO-1 reports.  Not this year, however. No EEO-1 filing is required, or even possible, this fall.

 Since 1966, employers with 100 or more employees that are subject to Title VII have been required to annually file an EEO-1, providing the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (the “EEOC”) with data on the number of individuals employed, their distribution by legal entity and location, and their demographic characteristics.  In addition, federal contractors with 50 or more employees are also required to file an annual EEO-1 report.  

As a result of changes implemented under the Obama administration, the EEO-1 report and it’s reporting cycle have been changed.   The revised EEO-1 report now requires employers to provide information on employee compensation and hours worked in addition to demographic information. 

No report is required in the fall of 2017.  Instead, the report must now be filed by March 31, 2018, based on a workforce “snapshot” taken between October and December of 2017.  The new report will require employers to provide information on the compensation paid to the employees included in the snapshot and their hours worked.  Compensation is to be reported based on the pay reported by the employer in Box 1 of the employees’ 2017 W-2 forms. The EEOC has provided additional information on the new EEO-1 form in the form of Questions and Answers on its website.