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SMACNA Urges House to Reject King Anti Davis-Bacon Amendment

In a recent letter to the U.S. House, SMACNA expressed its strong opposition to the Davis-Bacon Act repeal amendment being offered by Rep. King (R-IA) to the NDAA for FY2019. The amendment would ban prevailing wage coverage in federal and federally assisted procurement as part of the NDAA. Therefore, we strongly oppose the proposed amendment and urge your vocal opposition. 

By voting to kill any amendments to H.R. 5515 that are designed to attack Davis-Bacon prevailing wage coverage in the NDAA legislation, SMACNA feels House members will again speak in a strong bipartisan voice, supporting a commitment to construction quality, workforce training and labor standards on important federal construction contracts. SMACNA reminded Representatives that during the recent debate on a similar amendment to H.R. 4, The FAA reauthorization, the House overwhelmingly voted down a hostile Davis-Bacon amendment and last year defeated a repeal amendment to the NDAA by a margin of approximately 60 votes.

SMACNA believes that Congress should continue to recognize the importance and economic merit in prevailing wages as part of any quality based public procurement policy. Federal, state and local prevailing wage laws encourage employers to pay prevailing wages, offer health and pension coverage as well as invest in a skilled workforce training program. Support of prevailing wages on public infrastructure represents a necessary commitment to construction quality as well as the labor and security standards necessary on federal projects; amendments designed to undercut prevailing wages also undercut skilled workforce training programs and are driven by misguided politics rather than smart economics.

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