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Finding the silver lining in residential cloud competition

Dandelion’s geothermal systems—sprouting up in a day

Recent start-up Dandelion is offering up cloud-based competition for SMACNA’s residential contractors who install geothermal heating and cooling systems. News reports indicate that Dandelion’s services also have the potential to create more work partnership opportunities for residential contractors, including SMACNA members.


The firm has developed a fast, slender drill that will install residential ground loops in less than a day. The technology produces less waste than traditional technologies and leaves a typical suburban backyard relatively undisturbed. 

Dandelion is looking to partner with local heating and cooling installers and offers a no-money-down financing program to homeowners. Services are currently only available in upstate New York, but the company has plans to expand to other regions with cold winters and hot summers. 

An application to become an installer is available on Dandelion’s website is at The company requires contractors to have been in business at least four years and to have performed 50 geothermal installations. 

Read more about Dandelion.

Dandelion was recently spun out of the research company “X.” Dubbed “The Moonshot Factory,” X is Google’s research and development incubator facility. One-stop HVAC shopping for homeowners???

Another recent entry into the HVAC market is The service, touted as the “Uber of HVAC,” allows average homeowners to buy heating and air conditioning equipment directly from Houston-based manufacturer Goodman and could create competition for SMACNA contractors who perform residential installations and service.

When customers order equipment on the website, they can either choose to have it installed by a contractor affiliated with Pricefixer or by their own contractor. claims to eliminate or reduce overhead costs for participating contractors in addition to providing extended parts and labor warranties.

Participating contractors must be licensed, insured and willing to offer a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee. In addition, they must pay a monthly fee to Praxis S-10. Praxis S-10 members gain access to their cloud-based eTraining. Learn more about Praxis S-10.

Praxis S-10 is marketed as a “success college for small contractors.” In addition to access to, members are offered access to online business and technical training. 

As of early 2017, Praxis S-10 had signed up 115 contractors in 33 states, completed 15 sales, and had 82 orders in the process of being completed. The company projects sales of $7 million in 2017.

For more information, read the article “Two Sarasota guys make the Uber of HVAC.”