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Get the edge in HVAC sales with tablets and mobile apps

Mobile applications are creating fabulous opportunities for residential contractors to improve customer service, build rapport with clients, write estimates and proposals, and sell more jobs at higher margins and in less time. 

And some tools make it possible for supervisors to connect with everyone from field techs and office staff to equipment distributors. This communication reduces missed appointments, wait time, and callbacks. 

Customers more likely to sign right up on the dotted line 

HVAC sales apps allow instant access to a wide variety of promotional materials—from videos to sales brochures and photographs. Thus, the right information is in the right place at the right time, no matter what the customer’s unique needs. 

Further, you can compare equipment options, create and share polished proposals, and even provide financing options. The payoff is that customers are more likely to sign immediately on the dotted line. 

When a job is complete, the apps can generate invoices immediately instead of waiting until a tech or salesperson returns to the office. Even better, the tools synch all this data back to the office to keep all records up-to-date.

Tablet systems help techs, sales reps close more sales

Some mobile apps for HVAC contractors even provide phone integration that provides a customer’s profile upon demand to customer service reps. Using these tools can also increase customer satisfaction by providing a photo and bio of service techs before arrival and by reducing the service window, allowing customers to see how far away a tech is in real time.

Finally, an advantage for contractors of using HVAC software on the mobile devices they already own is that many of these applications keep all of the data in one place, submit all transactions directly to accounting and other tracking and reporting systems, and review key metrics, including revenue and performance, from anywhere. Data is secure and always backed up, reducing risk.

One company that provides these time-saving services for contractors is Intelligent Mobile Services. It offers the tablet sales systems HVAC Proposal Builder Pro and Sales Builder Pro, which helps techs and sales representatives prepare proposals and close more sales profitably.

ServiceTitan is an all-in-one software platform for HVAC, plumbing, and electrical contractors. It drives sales by increasing efficiency in the field and in the office, with intelligent call tracking features and real-time updates between the field and the office.

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