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How to respond to customer complaints

Butch Welsch-2016As a longtime industry leader and a member of the St. Louis Better Business Bureau, George “Butch” Welsch, owner of SMACNA company Welsch Heating and Cooling, St. Louis, has come across some great ideas over the years for keeping up good relationships with your customers.

In a recent article, the former SMACNA president offered some smart tips that contractors should always remember:

  • The most important thing is to maintain communication with your customers.
  • Don’t let being too busy keep you from taking care of a complaint.
  • A dissatisfied customer will tell 10 times as many people as a satisfied one. In any issue involving less than $1,000, clear it up immediately. 

Read the article, “Better businesses respond diligently to customer complaints” (The News, June 12, 2017).

Mr. Welsch served as SMACNA National president (1988 to 1989), was winner of SMACNA’s Distinguished Legislative Service Award, and is a contributor to the New Horizons Foundation at the Summit Counselor level. 

A 120-year old family-run company, Welsch Heating and Cooling of St. Louis was named the Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA) 2016 Residential Contractor of the Year.