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Think inside the house: Residential services provide lucrative, steady work

RRetrofit_Service Operations Management Program cover 155x200Residential service work can be a boon to any contractor. It offers high net profits, predictable cash flow, steady technician hours, and stable work throughout the year—even during downturns. But getting started in the lucrative residential service market requires a different way of thinking than for new construction or commercial work. 

SMACNA’s new “Residential Retrofit and Service Operations Management Program” provides the step-by-step process and procedures to start, grow, and maintain a profitable residential and light commercial service department.

Here are some highlights from the book's Sales and Operations chapter. This section focuses on:

  • Selling maintenance
  • Change your thoughts about maintenance
  • Maintenance agreement enrollment and tracking
  • Selling residential replacement
  • Include maintenance agreements with replacement
  • Procedures for sales and replacement operations

You’ll learn why selling maintenance is the foundation for every profitable residential service company and begin thinking of maintenance as more than just a spring or fall checkup. You'll be on your way to a profitable money-making service department.

Additional chapters cover financial considerations (overhead costs, hourly pricing, and service rate charges), marketing, personnel requirements, and appendices containing an overhead costs worksheet, sample marketing letters, and case studies.

Download SMACNA’s “Residential Retrofit and Service Operations Management Program” today. It is free to members. The non-member price is $185.