Sheet Metal & Air Conditioning Contractors’ National Association

NJAB/Grievance Resources

The National Joint Adjustment Board for the Sheet Metal Industry (NJAB) serves as an arbitration board to resolve grievance and contract renewal disputes after they have been processed through the local level.

The operation of the NJAB is to promote, improve and maintain peaceful labor-management relations by creating this medium for adjudication of locally deadlocked disputes and to discourage strikes, lockouts and work stoppages in the entire sheet metal industry. The board is comprised of labor and management panelists from the International Association of Sheet Metal, Air, Rail and Transportation Workers (SMART) and SMACNA, respectively.

Questions regarding the NJAB should be directed to the NJAB administrator, Joye Blanscett.

webinar(1)SMACNA Members: Are you preparing to come before the NJAB?  Make sure to view this previously recorded webinar

Recording Available here: Everything You Need to Know Before an NJAB Appearance

Procedural Rules

The NJAB process is conducted using the procedures set forth in the Procedural Rules of the National Joint Adjustment Board for the Sheet Metal Industry. Parties wishing to appear before the NJAB should familiarize themselves with the Procedural Rules.

Submittal Forms

Use the forms below when preparing your submission. If you need assistance please call or email Jen Squirewell, (703) 995-4032.

Parties wishing to have a grievance heard by a Panel after an LJAB deadlock or to appeal as an out of area contractor from a unanimous LJAB decision should make a submission on the approved Article X §3 forms.


Parties wishing to have a grievance heard by the NJAB after a Panel deadlock should make a submission on the approved Article X §4 forms.

Parties wishing to have a contract renewal or specialty addenda dispute heard by the NJAB should make a submission on the approved Article X §8 forms. Please note, there are no approved forms for making a submission under SFUA Article X §10.

LJAB Guidelines

To assist in conducting grievance hearings at the Local Joint Adjustment Board (LJAB) level, SMACNA and SMART have prepared LJAB Guidelines. Included in the guidelines are instructions for LJAB Chairs during the hearing, recommended procedures, guidance on issues of jurisdiction and timeliness, and examples of properly completed forms for requesting LJAB, Panel and NJAB hearings.

It should be noted that in the past, a number of areas sought to bypass the LJAB hearing and appeal grievances directly to a Panel. The LJAB is a vital step in our grievance procedure and should be convened for all grievances. Even if a case ultimately deadlocks at the local level, the record developed at the LJAB is critically important at subsequent steps of the grievance procedure.

Should you have any questions regarding the guidelines, please call or email Joye Blanscett, (703) 803-2997.

Jurisdictional Disputes

Contractor’s signatory to more than one craft, may find themselves faced with a jurisdictional dispute between those trade unions. Contractors may choose to stipulate to the Plan for the Settlement of Jurisdictional Disputes. SMACNA has available the most recent information on the Plan and the form for stipulation.


General information on grievances for SMACNA members.


Decisions of the NJAB are mailed simultaneously to the local parties to the dispute after the NJAB hearings. Decisions are only posted after confirmation of receipt by all parties. They are listed by year and month the matter was heard by the NJAB.