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SMACNA, Others, Thank Governor John Kasich of Ohio for Protecting Energy Efficiency Resource Standard

In a recent letter, SMACNA, as part of the Alliance for Industrial Efficiency (the Alliance), thanked Ohio Governor John Kasich for his protection of the state's Energy Efficiency Resource Standard.

The Governor's veto of HB 554 in 2017 sent a strong message that Ohio supports energy efficiency investment, innovation, and jobs. SMACNA and the Alliance commends Mr. Kasich's leadership on supporting a more diversified state energy portfolio, which will ultimately lead to an economically stronger Ohio.

The Ohio Senate is again considering a proposal (HB 114), which would erode the state’s energy efficiency standard. HB 114 also unfairly creates special exemptions for larger energy customers, leaving small businesses and Ohio families to cover the costs. SMACNA and the Alliance are concerned that HB 114 could undermine Ohio’s potential to lead on energy efficiency, resulting in lost economic opportunity for Ohio businesses.

Further, this issue has already been resolved. The mercantile exemption in HB 114 was originally proposed in SB 58 in 2013, and the industrial opt-out that was enacted by Senate Bill 310 in 2014 was actually the compromise to the original mercantile opt-out proposal. Unfortunately, the legislature continues its efforts to erode the standard even further.