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Michigan cottage gets amazing 21st century remodeling

Mar 22, 2013

Michigan cottage gets amazing 21st century remodeling

The private residence was built in the 1950’s

Way up in northeastern Michigan, where lakes abound with bass and the thick woods with stately moose, the frosty winter temperatures regularly dip below 17 degrees Fahrenheit. Here, a weekend getaway cottage on East Twin Lake in Lewiston, Mich., has received an amazing21st century facelift—complete with an innovative modular roof and a unique framing and insulation system to keep it warm and toasty all winter long.

The remodeling was built out and over the smaller cottage.


Built in the 1950s, the private residence belongs to SMACNA contractor Glenn Parvin, president of Custom Architectural Sheet Metal Specialists Inc. (CASS), Detroit, Mich. Throughout the renovation, which tripled the size of the 700 sq. ft., one-story house to 2,200 sq. ft. and two stories, Mr. Parvin designed the remodeling work with sustainability and energy efficiency in mind. This has resulted in a well-insulated home with an attractive roof along with substantial savings in materials, costs, and energy.

The larger dormer overhangs keep snow and ice away.
The remodeling was built out and over the smaller cottage while maintaining the watertight interior and space. He hopes to incorporate the distinctive framing and insulation as a system of insulated foam metal roof modular additions, which would be marketed as a fully insulated package. “This method could give CASS something unique and different to offer,” Mr. Parvin said, who is the former chair of SMACNA’s Architectural Sheet Metal Task Force. The modular concept was designed with a 16-inch and 24-inch framing grid pattern to simplify labor installation and cost.




CASS Sheet Metal custom fabricated and installed sheet metal roofing, custom trim soffits, zinc siding at the fireplace shroud, cement board, and vinyl siding. For the roof, CASS used a 24-gage cee-lock standing seam panel system from Berridge Manufacturing, galvanized, 1½ inches high by 16 inches wide with continuous concealed clips. The soffits are of silver composite material and are 3/16 inch thick.

By design, the building’s roof has no valleys and no gutters. It was built with the +/-16-inch roof panel grid in mind, to be modular. Steps in the roof were created to add design flair. The dormer overhangs were made larger to keep snow and ice away. The front porch is separate and lower than the main roof eave with the roof shed in the same direction for snow and ice runoff. The break between the two was done to protect against ice damming back up.


The modular concept was designed with a 16-inch and 24-inch framing grid pattern The front porch is separate and lower than the main roof eave.
He planned carefully to include sustainable and green concepts in the design. “In my renovation, I wanted to test some theories I have developed over the years,” he explained. “By designing the system from the metal roofing and flashing on backwards, we could invest the dollars where they should be and omit the waste and redundancy of components unnecessary to the long-term performance of the building envelope.”


By designing and using the structural capabilities of the roof panel system and modified fabrication techniques of the exterior flashing, combined with the addition of foam insulation, Mr. Parvin noted, other wood backup carpentry items were either able to be reduced or omitted in the framing segment. The trim was designed and fabricated without the need for much wood backup. The panels were run in CASS’s Detroit metal shop on CASS roll-forming equipment and delivered four hours north to the jobsite.



The result is well-insulated home, an attractive roof, and energy savings.
The new home has a stunning lakeside view.


For insulation, they went with an open cell spray foam insulation in all walls and the roof, with R-15 in the walls and R-36 in the roof. At the insulator’s recommendation, the walls of the existing and new crawlspace were also foamed. The results were quite impressive, as both the addition’s new gas fireplace and the yet-to-be-replaced small 1950s gas furnace both heat the house comfortably and easily unaided by the other, even when temperatures have fallen to zero degrees Fahrenheit. “While costing more than traditional fiberglass insulation, the foam insulation is proving to be a great value,” Mr. Parvin noted

The renovation took a summer construction season to complete, with a new heating system planned for next season. “When the economy was collapsing around us in Detroit, we decide to branch out into high-end residential when available,” Mr. Parvin explained. The addition I was planning to have done by others was put on hold for several bad years. Several years later we decided to build it ourselves.”

With almost 30 years of sheet metal roofing experience, CASS Sheet Metal has been fabricating and installing high-end metal roofing since 1990 and has 23 years of custom metal roofing experience. They have been involved with numerous prominent projects including the Henry Ford Estate restoration, Michigan's State Capitol Building, the University of Michigan bell tower, the New Pine Knob/DTE Music Theatre, Cranbrook Institute Schools, and St. George Greek Orthodox Church. CASS Sheet Metal participates in the functional design, planning and execution of the job with attention to old world craftsmanship and the added beauty of details.