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Snow country residence gets fresh, new, long-lasting roof for spring

May 10, 2013

Snow country residence gets fresh, new, long-lasting roof for spring

Tee Lake Residence, Lewiston, Mich.
Contractor: Custom Architectural Sheet Metal Specialists Inc., Detroit, Mich.

The elegant new roof lends a fresh new look.

SMACNA contractor Custom Architectural Sheet Metal Specialists Inc. (CASS) of Detroit, Mich., furnished a fresh new look to a lakeside home on Tee Lake in Lewiston, Mich. CASS installed new metal roofing on this home nestled in the woods along with custom-fabricated trim, valleys, gutters, and downspouts. The striking new Colonial red roof complements the home’s wood façade, giving the house a bright new look.

The project included installing roofing on several buildings, including the owner’s house, garage, shed, and entrance signage.

“The owner wanted to ensure he would get a customized approach that would offer exceptional roof drainage,” said Glenn Parvin, president of CASS, “and was very quality specific.” CASS met these high quality expectations.

CASS removed the old shingles.

CASS removed the existing shingles and, in its Detroit shop, fabricated the custom metal roofing, trim, gutters, and downspouts to meet the owner’s criteria. CASS used 24-gage, prefinished Kynar 500 standing seam panels, which were 1½ inches by 16 inches on center in this Berridge cee-lock standing seam roof system. This type of metal roofing is durable, lasts longer than asphalt shingles, can withstand extreme seasonal weather, and saves energy. It is considered a lifetime roof with its lifespan easily exceeding 40 years.

One of the draws of northeastern Michigan is the great outdoors and its deep winter snows. The snow is perfect for winter sports and snowmobiling, but up on the roof in the springtime, it can be a concern when the snow starts to melt.
“Due to this area being snow country,” Mr. Parvin noted, “the owner and CASS decided on oversized valleys, which looked and turned out great.”

CASS installed a Berridge cee-lock standing seam roof system.

On the roof, CASS designed extra-large open valleys for drainage and melting snow and ice.  This included custom-size 45-degree scupper/gutters, downspout sizing and placement at each miter valley location. The panels were rolled on one of CASS’s three roll formers.

CASS added custom trim, valleys, gutters, and downspouts.

“The roof design and old gutters had problems handling the volume of water that would drain off the valleys. The owner and CASS designed a custom 45-degree scupper collector and built oversized downspouts placed at each valley. This type of gutter/scupper created a nice and unique element in design,” Mr. Parvin said.

The elegant new roof gives the home a fresh uplift that is sure to weather winter, spring, summer, and fall, and will look great for years to come.