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The curtain rises on the Warner Theatre’s sleek new rooftop terrace

May 10, 2013

The curtain rises on the Warner Theatre’s sleek new rooftop terrace

Warner Theatre Rooftop Terrace, Washington, D.C.
Contractor: Stromberg Metal Works, Beltsville, Md.

Stromberg installed a stainless steel railing system.

All the world’s a stage from the rooftop terrace of Washington’s elegant Warner Theatre building with its sweeping views of the capital’s majestic monuments. Now, theater-goers mingling on the rooftop terrace can enjoy the spectacular views in comfort and style.


SMACNA contractor Stromberg Metal Works Inc., Beltsville, Md., performed this award-winning work, installing a stainless steel railing system, a large retractable canopy to ward off sun and rain, and a sleek outdoor fireplace on the rooftop garden, along with a stunning waterfall on the main level.

For this project, Associate General Contractors (AGC) of Metropolitan Washington, D.C., presented Stromberg Metal Works with the 2012 Washington Contactor Merit Award.

On the roof, Stromberg fabricated and installed a brushed finish, stainless steel cable rail system of type 316 stainless steel, a retractable canopy to protect people from the elements, and a sleek stainless steel outdoor fireplace to keep them warm.

Aluminum beam cladding covers box tub frame supporting the retractable canopy.

“The job entailed a great deal of stainless steel throughout the project, including the railings, fitness center, and water fountain,” said Stromberg Metal Works Project Manager Joe Puckett. “This was a big job for us so we had the entire shop working on this project.”

For the rooftop canopy, beam cladding of .090 aluminum covered the 6 inch by 6 inch box tub frame supporting the retractable canopy, then it was painted in place. Nearby, an outdoor fireplace was set into the wall under the canopy. The fireplace surround was also built out of ¼-inch-thick stainless steel, with a brushed finish.

Along the rooftop edges, Stromberg installed mirror-finish stainless steel rails. The rails were built out of 1 inch by 1-1/2 inch solid stainless steel. Approximately 130 feet of this rail was installed between the penthouse and fitness center. Also on the roof, Stromberg put up green screen walls, installed 80 feet of stainless steel gutter and flashing, as well as clear anodized base trim.

The stainless steel waterfall on the main level. The outdoor rooftop fireplace.
On the main level, the lobby fountain was built out of ¼ inch thick and 3/8 inch thick stainless steel. The tank itself measures 51 inches by 46 inches by 9 inches deep. The dimensions of the fountain make it very heavy. The fountain’s spout is 3/8 inches thick and 62 inches long.

The Washington Contractor Project Awards honor exceptional projects from the Metropolitan Washington D.C. area construction industry, and judge submissions on how well the project team, general contractor and/or subcontractors worked together to enhance the owner’s investment in the project.