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King-size solutions benefit Cedars-Sinai LEED-Gold Health Sciences Pavilion

Sep 30, 2014

AHSP-Building-700px-2-200ACCO Installs 21,000 pounds of mains in a single day

Long-time SMACNA member ACCO Engineered Systems of Los Angeles came up with some creative solutions for some challenging situations during their work on the innovative new Cedars-Sinai Advanced Health Sciences Pavilion in Los Angeles.

ACCO redesigned the rooftop air system and crafted a practical solution for a first-of-its-kind smoke control system. They installed more than 1.1 million pounds of sheet metal including 200,000 pounds of colossal roof duct on this new LEED-Gold certified hospital and research center that aims to transform patient care.

The innovative sheet metal, mechanical systems, and building services contractor played an integral design-assist role during the pre-construction phase. ACCO’s team helped redesign the rooftop air systems by combining air handling equipment and creating efficient ductwork routing.

Picture1-200The project earned the company CAL-SMACNA’s 2013 Tom Guilfoy Memorial Craftsmanship of the Year Award in the mechanical category.

In addition, they were instrumental in further assisting the design team in crafting a practical solution for a very complicated smoke control system that is the first of its kind in the city of Los Angeles. The challenging system utilizes the building’s air handlers and exhaust fans to create a pressure difference on the fire floors, while maintaining airflow for the procedural floors and fume hoods.

Serving 500 to 600 patients a day, the 11-story, 820,000-square-foot Pavilion houses the Cedars-Sinai Heart Institute outpatient services, neuroscience programs, the Regenerative Medicine Institute, and the Sue and Bill Gross Surgery and Procedure Center. A 180-foot-long skywalk bridge connects to the existing medical center on the fifth level.

Picture8-200The building’s design brings research and clinical care together under one roof. It is one of a handful of health-care facilities nationwide to receive the LEED-Gold (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification. The Pavilion is located on the eastern side of Cedars-Sinai’s Los Angeles campus.

The exterior features an innovative double-paned high performance glass skin that reduces heat gain and glare while providing a comfortable interior environment. Automated building control systems regulate the building’s energy use.

The general contractor led the BIM 3-D modeling and coordination process. The development of system models was smooth during pre-construction although it became clear there were major conflicts in the building.

Picture10-200ACCO’s team worked closely with the mechanical engineer to create efficient layouts, alternate routing, and engineered solutions to help the model work while reducing costs. The BIM coordination process was quite a challenge due to the project’s size and complexity. ACCO detailers were also vital, providing solutions to conflicts and issues that arose.

ACCO also assisted the general contractor in developing a sequencing plan for logistics, stocking, and installation of the complex mechanical systems. ACCO’s sheet metal foremen took the lead in the sequencing meetings. The sequencing plan enabled ACCO to meet and exceed its productivity rates and accelerate the construction schedule.

In all, the installation included 187,000 pounds of risers, 85,000 pounds of stainless steel, 200,000 pounds of high-pressure roof duct, and 646,000 pounds of mains and distribution over 450,000-square-feet of building space.

Picture11-200-2A massive 200,000 pounds of roof duct, whose mains were supported by 8-by-8-foot tubular steel frames 15 feet above the rooftop, was rigged into place and assembled by the sheet metal team.

Supply duct from five custom air handlers delivers more than 500,000 cubic feet per minute (CFM) of air to more than 1,000 terminal air units and air valves. Exhaust plenums move 400,000 CFM of air from laboratories, vivariums, procedural rooms, and medical spaces.

An average of 32 sheet metal workers spent 112,000 man-hours installing all duct on the job, with a record high of 56 sheet metal workers on the job at one time. Shop mechanics logged 13,500 hours of duct construction, in addition to 9,500 hours of shop welding.

Picture15-200An average of three detailers, with a peak of five BIM detailers, coordinated the sheet metal on the project. ACCO workers even installed 21,000 pounds of mains, an entire loop, in a single day.

With its massive air systems, innovative mechanical coordination, and creative design solutions, the project is one of the most challenging ACCO has performed to date. The building is destined to become a premier research facility and clinical treatment center.

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Photo captions:

1 - ACCO came up with creative solutions for the new Cedars-Sinai Advanced Health Sciences Pavilion.

2 - ACCO redesigned the rooftop air system.

3 - Exhaust plenums carry 400,000 CFM of air from labs and medical spaces.

4 - Shop mechanics logged 13,200 hours of duct construction.

5 - Workers performed 9,500 hours of shop welding.

6 - ACCO installed 21,000 pounds of mains, an entire loop, in a single day.