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Contractor in the News: HVAC fire life safety market will build your bottom line

Dec 05, 2014

SMACNA member John Sickle Jr., president of Duct Fabricators Inc., Cleveland, Ohio, has been extoling the virtues of getting into the HVAC fire life safety inspection market to increase contractors’ work and provide steady residual business.

“This is about the opportunity of expanding your business into the fire life safety market, which also positively assists your cash flow, especially in a down economy,” he said at a seminar on marketing and bidding HVAC fire life safety at the ICB/TABB Conference earlier this year.

His firm entered this emerging market in 2011 and never looked back. “It’s helped the bottom line,” he said.

“It’s growing by the month. It’s not our main source of work—yet. It adds the extra tool to the component of our business. I thought it would be smart to get into other entities. We install the dampers. Why not also verify the correct operation going forward? It’s like night and day, soup and sandwiches, they go together. It just made sense.”

Mr. Sickle is president of the SMACNA-Cleveland chapter and is a SMACNA National Board member.

Read the article in the fall 2914 issue of ICB/TABB Journal at