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What downturn? SmartMarket Report: Lean construction yields strong business benefits

Sep 23, 2015

The devastating impacts of the long recession have made it clear that, even as the economy slowly recovers, business as usual can no longer be an acceptable approach in the construction industry. Lean construction offers an alternative that allows companies to thrive in any economic conditions.

The SmartMarket Report, “Lean Construction: Leveraging Collaboration and Advanced Practices to Increase Project Efficiency,” published by McGraw Hill Construction,  demonstrates that taking a lean approach, including the use of BIM and prefabrication, makes firms more competitive and yields strong business benefits.

In fact, these benefits can be so pronounced that one of the expert lean contractors interviewed in the study states that, because of their lean approach, “We didn’t have a downturn.”

The report shows that among contractors using the lean practices in the study, most report a wide range of benefits, including:

  • Higher Quality Construction (84 percent)
  • Greater Customer Satisfaction (80 percent)
  • Greater Productivity (77 percent)
  • Improved Safety (77 percent)

Featuring in-depth interviews with highly collaborative contractors, the report notes that education about lean and the need for and benefits of increasing efficiency must be a major priority for the industry at large.

Read the SmartMarket Report “Lean Construction: Leveraging Collaboration and Advanced Practices to Increase Project Efficiency.”