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April Is Distracted Driving Awareness Month

Distracted driving is a public health issue that affects us all. There are serious risks associated with using cell phones, pagers, and laptop computers while driving a company or personal vehicle, as is frequently discussed by SMACNA’s safety community.
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Strengthening SMACNA’s Voice on Capitol Hill

Legislative involvement is a right and a privilege for each citizen but is also a responsibility. If we want our industry and the country to prosper, we should advocate policies supporting a vibrant infrastructure policy, sensible pension policy, and national economic policy that support a thriving HVAC marketplace.
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California Will Be First State to Mandate Net Zero New Homes in 2020

California is seeking input on a plan to update its building energy standards to increase energy efficiency, clear the way for clean energy heating and hot water, and, for the first time, require new homes to install rooftop solar panels.

Tell Us Your One Great Idea

The responsibilities and job description of a chapter executive are vast. They encompass everything from event planning, marketing, recruiter, mediator to CEO.
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Cincinnati Responsible Bidder Ordinance: Major Union Victory

Under a recent federal court decision, the city of Cincinnati may require companies bidding on city contracts to have apprenticeship programs, as well as health and retirement plans.
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Don’t Miss SMACNA’s Upcoming Crew-Cost Webcast

SMACNA and SMART recently agreed to allow local bargaining parties to adopt a crew-cost method to determine how much wage equalization is owed when a contractor fabricates in a lower wage area and the item is installed in a higher wage area.

HVAC Update – Creating a pathway for youth to get into the trades earlier

SMACCA Milwaukee’s new Youth Apprenticeship Program is demonstrating that the trades are not only capturing the hearts and minds of high school students, it is convincing educators, counselors, and parents that construction can be a practical and rewarding alternative to college.

2018 Partners in Progress Conference: Committed to making a difference ​

Leaders from both labor and management joined forces at the 2018 SMACNA/SMART Partners in Progress Conference, Feb. 13-14, and accepted the challenge to work together to sustain and expand market share where opportunities exist.

Architectural Record – CASS sets up their A-game for Detroit Red Wings Arena

Some projects bring a sense of personal achievement that goes beyond the satisfaction of a job well done. Providing sheet metal elements for the new Detroit Red Wings stadium, now Little Caesar’s Arena, was just such a project for Glenn Parvin, president of SMACNA member Custom Architectural Sheet Metal Specialists (CASS) in Detroit, and for members of Sheet Metal Workers Local No. 80 who worked on the job.
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President’s Column – A partnership with labor can make a difference

Without a doubt the HVAC industry is making a difference in the lives of people. By delivering an energy efficient product, our companies improve the lives of the American people time and time again.

Industrial Insights – Outlook: U.S. plant spending forecast to grow in 2018

Fueled by a soaring U.S. economy and lower corporate tax rates, industrial sector experts anticipate a 5.9 percent increase in overall U.S. industry plant spending to $328.5 billion in 2018. The spending forecast is up by $18.35 billion from last year according to the industry market research provider, Industrial Info Resources.

Residential Report – Powerful questions technicians should ask to increase customer engagement

All contractors typically only get one chance to make a good first impression, but far too often residential contractors fail to make the most of this opportunity.

Rising steel prices? How to protect yourself

With the recent imposition of tariffs on imported steel and aluminum, steel prices are already increasing. To minimize the risk of rising material costs and contractors’ potential liability, SMACNA members should fully understand their contracts and ways to limit their exposure to price changes.

SMOHIT Safety Conference creates blueprint for strong safety cultures

Do you know the difference between a dangerous work setting and a hazardous work setting? The 80 participants—including JATC coordinators, SMART union representatives, and SMACNA member safety professionals—who attended the 2018 SMOHIT Safety Champions Conference now do.

Members can benchmark their numbers with SMACNA’s 2018 Financial Survey

When preparing their bids and budgets, many members use SMACNA’s Financial Survey Report as a guide to compare their numbers to responses from other companies operating in the same markets and geographic areas.

Capitol Hill Update – Composite plans: SMACNA’s advocacy continues ​

SMACNA continues its persistent work on Capitol Hill to move composite plan legislation forward. SMACNA’s goal is still to move the composite plan legislation forward before the end of the year.
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Prepare for senior leadership with SMACNA’s Leadership Development Program

The SMACNA Leadership Development Program, which runs from May 21-24 in Chapel Hill, N.C., is an executive-MBA-style course.
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Political analyst Howard Fineman opens the CEA National Issues Conference, May 8-10 ​

Longtime journalist and political commentator Howard Fineman will share his insights on the 2018 and 2020 elections and on the latest developments in Washington, D.C., with SMACNA members during the 2018 CEA National Issues Conference being held in Washington, D.C., May 8-10.

SMACNA’s Safety Statistics Profile benefits all members ​

SMACNA’s 2018 Safety Excellence Awards Program benefits SMACNA members with a report, the Safety Statistics Profile, available to all members, that highlights trends in safety-driven data that members can use to expand their safety programs.

“Always look for the positive” SMACNA Board Member: Kyle Bellmon of Oklahoma City, Okla.

SMACNA Board member Kyle Bellmon, vice president of United Mechanical Construction, Oklahoma City, Okla., is looking forward to giving back to the association because it has helped his company progress.