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Welcome SMACNA Members

Welcome SMACNA 2019 Associate Members

SMACNA welcomes new and returning 2019 Associate Members.
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Mandatory Sexual Harassment Training Expanding

At present, five states – California, Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, and New York – have laws that mandate sexual harassment training for private sector employers. Other states may begin requiring additional training.
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SMACNA Video: Randy Novak

Randy Novak, president and third-generation owner of Novak Heating and Air, talks about his unique path to ownership.
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SMACNA Video: Mark Watson

Watch as Mark Watson, treasurer of Climate Engineers, in Hiawatha, Iowa, explains why he loves coming to SMACNA conventions and catching up with his friends.
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New Residential Contractors Guide

SMACNA’s new Equipment Warranty Options for Residential Contractors Guide offers critical advice ensuring a contractor's ability to cover repair costs during the life time of the warranty.
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Partners in Progress 12/2018 Issue

The latest issue of the Partners in Progress magazine encompasses how we can turn “hope” into a “strategy” if we make a concentrated effort to address our problems and increase our positive opportunities.
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SMACNA Video: Joseph Lansdell

Hear from former SMACNA President Joseph Lansdell of Poynter Sheet Metal on the challenges of scaling up and scaling down his business.
Air Systems Engineering and Technology Conference

Air Systems Engineering and Technology Conference

Register for the Air Systems Engineering and Technology–North America Conference in Chicago, March 25 to 26.
Transforming Your Organization for the Future

SMACNA Offers New Edition to Contractors Manual

How does a contracting company adapt to all the changes taking place today while remaining a successful operation?
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2018 Financial Survey Report Available

The 2018 SMACNA Financial Survey Report covering calendar years 2015 through 2017 is now available.
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Video Spotlight: Streimer a One-Stop Shop

Leading the industry in construction, manufacturing, and service for more than 70 years Streimer, of Portland, Oregon, tells its story in this hard-hitting, fast paced video.
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Getting Employees Used to Change

When planning for significant change, it is important to solicit feedback and engage people in the process. This helps build ownership in the transition and make employees more likely to support the change and even champion it.
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SMACNA Video: James Hall, Systems Management & Balancing, Inc.

James E. Hall, president/owner of Systems Management Balancing Inc., talks about his varied customer base of sheet metal contractors, general contractors, construction managers, and design professionals.
National Honors for Local Veterans’ Apprenticeship

National Honors for Local Veterans’ Apprenticeship

A local sheet metal apprenticeship, highly-popular with Pikes Peak Colorado region veterans, partnered with Mt. Carmel Veterans Service Center, has earned top honors from the U.S. Secretary of Labor.
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Federal Apprenticeship Rule Starts in January

In 2016 the United States Department of Labor (DOL) issued updated regulations placing certain obligations on apprenticeship program sponsors to take affirmative action concerning registered apprenticeship programs.
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SMACNA Helps Protect Cold Weather Workers

The first day of winter is Friday, December 21 and SMACNA members are urged to supply their employees with information and training on the real health hazards of working in cold environments.
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SMACNA Video: Craig Benson

Craig Benson, president of Paramount Sheet Metal, on how he got his start in sheet metal and what it’s like to be doing new builds and retrofits in a booming marketplace.
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New Revenue Recognition Rules Take Effect 12/15/18

New Revenue Recognition Standard ASU 2014-09 begins for reporting periods after Dec. 15, 2018 (calendar year 2019 for private companies).
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Energy Storage Tax Incentive Means Potential Jobs

SMACNA joined nearly 200 companies and associations that together employ hundreds of thousands of people to urge the U.S. Senate and U.S. House leaders to support the Energy Storage Tax Incentive and Deployment Act.
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Safety Matters Award Nominations Due

Contractors with a passion for keeping workers safe and healthy are ideal candidates for SMOHIT’s annual Safety Matters Awards.