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5 Giant Trends Changing the Face of Construction

As contractors seek to map out 2018 and beyond, there are a number of trends shaping the construction industry, according to Building Design + Construction magazine.
2018 Safety Winners

SMACNA Recognizes 2018 Winners for Safety Excellence

SMACNA is proud to acknowledge the following 2018 Safety Excellence Award winners, and to salute the top chapters with the highest level of survey participants.
Karen Fox of Precision Air Balance Co. offers some values her group discussed at the meeting.

Women in Construction Convene Leadership Summit

SMACNA’s Women in Construction Leadership Council held their first summit this June in Boston, Massachusetts.
Scott Sheppard, sheet metal operations manager at W.E. Bowers, discusses blueprints for a recent project.

Recruiting at the Source: SMACNA Mid-Atlantic Combines Recruitment with Tours of Sheet Metal Facilities

“I believe these tours are invaluable as it helps educators better understand and describe what the sheet metal industry is about,” said Bernie Brill of SMACNA Mid-Atlantic. “The attendees had little first-hand experience about our industry and this opportunity gave them an insight and a better appreciation for the work our contractors perform. It also tied together education, training, and the other characteristics needed for one to succeed in this business.”

2019 Safety Champions Conference

The annual Safety Champions Conference is a continuing effort to help create an improved safety culture in the sheet metal industry.
Dave Skelly of Johns Mansville

Developing Trail-Blazing New Products

Dave Skelly, director of sales for JM’s Performance Materials and Industrial Insulation Group (IIG), leads the field sales and account management organization responsible for mechanical, HVAC and industrial insulation products in North America.
Kevin Koslowski (center), was saved by his co-workers at H.M. White, including (left to right), Chris Hulbert, president of H.M. White, Jay Jaszewski, John Frech, and Joe Floyd.

H.M. White Employees Save Co-Worker’s Life Thanks to CPR Training

The Sheet Metal Occupational Health Institute Trust (SMOHIT) acknowledged the workers, all Local 80 members, for keeping Kevin Koslowski alive until help came. Koslowski had suffered a massive heart attack on the shop floor.
Ensure Company Photos and Videos are "Safety Friendly"

Ensure Company Photos and Videos are “Safety Friendly”

Safety violations in photos and videos distract from the contractor’s message. As leaders in the industry, SMACNA members need to ensure that their personnel in company promotional videos and photos are not unintentionally propagating safety hazards.

SMACNA and SMART Team Up On Davis-Bacon Surveys

SMACNA and SMART are partnering to help local parties effectively respond to Davis-Bacon Surveys that are being conducted by the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL).

Turning “Near Miss” Moments Into Teaching Moments

How many “near misses” do workers encounter on the job? According to the National Safety Council (NSC) a near miss incident is defined as “an unplanned event that doesn’t result in injury or death, but could have.”
SMOHIT Offers Free Health and Wellness Screening at Convention

SMOHIT Offers Free Health and Wellness Screening at Convention

Members can roll up their sleeves, hold out their arms, and learn more about their health at SMOHIT’s free Health Fair and Wellness Screening during SMACNA’s 75th Annual Convention, Sunday, Oct. 14, from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.
SMOHIT Safety Champions

For Safety Tips, Join SMOHIT’s “Safe Me” Program

The Sheet Metal Occupational Health Institute Trust (SMOHIT) is committed to minimizing injuries on the job with safety programs like “Safe Me” that drive awareness of exercise, physical fitness, and how to manage stress and minimize fatigue, with the ultimate goal of maximizing health, minimizing injury, and being safer.
Meets with State Rep Young Kim

Applied Air Conditioning Meets with U.S. Congressional Candidate Young Kim of California

U.S. Congressional candidate Young Kim recently toured the shop of SMACNA member Applied Air Conditioning, Fullerton, California, and learned how the facility functions, about the industry, and met with company’s workforce.
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Developing a Safety Culture of Caring

As the economy continues to heat up and businesses continue to grow, an unwanted risk emerges in lockstep with the growing economy—an increase in safety-related incidents.
SMACNA-Supported Energy Efficiency Legislation Awaits Passage

Capitol Hill Update: SMACNA-Supported Energy Efficiency Legislation Awaits Passage

This year, SMACNA won several legislative victories that were significant for industry contractors such as tax incentive measures and combined heat and power initiatives—but more top-priority legislation remains unfinished for the rest of the summer and the upcoming lame duck session.

Safety Pros Share How to Elevate Company Safety Programs

Members will learn how safety professionals identify “at-risk” behaviors, reduce injuries, and refine their safety programs into company-wide safety cultures during Elevating Your Safety Program to a Safety Culture, Wednesday, Oct. 17, at SMACNA’s Annual Convention in San Diego.
Contractors Helping Employees Address Mental Health Concerns

Contractors Helping Employees Address Mental Health Concerns

Sheet metal and HVAC contractors have a number of strategies and tools at their disposal to assist employees who are at risk of suicide and struggling with mental health issues.
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SMACNA’s Change Orders Guide

Handling a change order properly and getting paid can be a big challenge for contractors. SMACNA’s Guidelines for Change Orders manual is a valuable resource that members can rely on for navigating the inevitability of workplace challenges and obtaining proper change orders.

Managing Risk in the Digital Age

For years, contractors have tackled risk by purchasing insurance programs and managing claims. Today that is no longer enough.
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Free OSHA Webinar for Small and Medium-Sized Firms

A well-managed workplace safety program can be a benefit to construction firms in countless ways—lower insurance rates, healthy employees, and increased productivity.